Grigory Maksim  ●  52 cards   ●   (4)
Elite  ●  Aggression  ●  Non-combat Damage
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Vha'shaelhur  ●  50 cards   ●   (2)
Elite  ●  Aggression  ●  Alt. Economy
by Toni L  ●  last month  ●  1 thumb_up  ●  mode_comment  ●  call_split  ●  schedule  ●  video_library

Jain Zar  ●  50 cards   ●   (6)
Midrange  ●  Denial  ●  Experimental
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Attachment (4)
Event (16)
flash_on3Gift of Isha
Support (3)

Old Zogwort  ●  50 cards   ●  No Ally
Swarm  ●  Aggression  ●  
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Attachment (3)
attach_file1Wyrdboy Stikk
Event (9)
flash_on2Squig Bombin'
flash_on3Battle Cry
Support (5)
filter_hdr3Ammo Depot
filter_hdr1Tellyporta Pad
filter_hdr1Zogwort's Hovel

Epistolary Vezuel  ●  51 cards   ●   (10)
by camille  ●  last month  ●  0 thumb_up  ●  mode_comment  ●  call_split  ●  schedule  ●  video_library
Attachment (8)
attach_file1Iron Halo
Event (12)
flash_on3Crushing Blow
flash_on2Unseen Strike
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Commander Shadowsun  ●  51 cards   ●   (9)
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Trying out some good old fashioned Morn-based Warlord hunting.
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40k Conquest on OCTGN - Chapter Champion Varn vs Nazdreg

My first run with Apoka's new Imperial Fist warlord.
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40k Conquest on OCTGN - Zogwort vs Urien

Coming back to Conquest, managed to get in a game with one of my more straight forward decks.
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40k Conquest on OCTGN: Autumn Black Crusade, Week 1 - Urien vs Nazdreg

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40k Conquest on OCTGN - Zogwort vs Talyesin Fharenal

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Warhammer 40K Conquest: Nazdreg vs. Vezuel: Black Crusade League Winter 2017 Final
dnapolitano, Stefan

Final match between free and kaloo in the Black Crusade League.
> 1 year ago
Warhammer 40K Conquest: Nazdreg vs. Fharenal: Black Crusade League Top 8 Match
dnapolitano, smoothcriminal

Top 8 matchup between steinerp and kaloo in the Black Crusade League.
I like the art and the name. But the cost i feel is too much for the units it can target.

Is this a good card? Is it mediocre?
Rated: 4.75
Simply very good core card. Usefull even in non Chaos decks, that like to import some non - loyal Elites (Venomous Fiend, for example). You can put 5 cost Elite unit with this and STC Fragment for 1 or even 0 (with 1 more Cultist). Can provide 2 weak combat 1/1 units (not recomended)
(-) Without Daemon keyword Armies - not very usefull card; 1 shield (with 2 this can be too broken, heh); Deploy Action only.
(+) in most Chaos Midrange or Elites decks - very usefull, even mandatory card (large part of Alternative Economy); versatile and strong card, enabling many ways of additional economy.
Combos: Ancient Keeper of Secrets (in most lucky parts - 2 additional attacks); Daemon summoning (most and often usage); can be fodder for Smasha Gun battery in some cases (and for a lot of indirect damage income) .
(=) This card in 95% procent of my Chaos decks ( and in 100% of my Competetive decks) :P
Rated: 4.5
Very cool card; seems dangerous and costly to a lot of players, but can win battles and games in my experience, also synergies with a lot of cards (Brutal keyword; Nazdreg; Kugath) and if you have attachment on unit (any, even humble Promotion) this Army is safe from Energy of Change.
(+) - good with decks, that can run attachments; good with decks, that can "tank" damage or move it; good with Zarathur (3 dmg to any units on planet with him), but Warlord himself is vulnereble to damage.; can target enemy HQ; non - loyal.
(-) - costly; not for all chaos and allied decks; one shield icon; attachments are worst type of cards, from my game experience - hence, for most part you blast you units also for most part.
(=) I love this card, not universal, but can be Brutal (in all cases) surprise for you enemy.
I forget. What type of things fall under "Triggered Effects"?
Rated: 1
The ultimate nerfed card. Unique. Location. Costs 3 which puts it on the high end of support cost. Exhausts units as decided by the planet flop (i.e. green planets). Limited once per phase but is a Combat Action. Can only target non-Elite army units. Can't even exploit with To Arms! or Seraphim. Given the cost, I don't understand the nerf.
When readied it will deal damage to every unit it has damaged in the combat phase, not just in the last combat round. It is only 1 damage
No Improbable Runt Machine in a Zogwort deck?!
I can't believe it. This unit is fantastic, and makes Zogwort far far more in pair with strong warlords.
hindsight is 20/20 a postmortem:
i had my fun with this deck, but defo not competitive in any way, and prolly wont revisit this concept in the future.
Command and shields felt lacking, but berzerker warrior and prodigal sons disciple were amazing (also virulent plague squad but that was prolly good luck)

If i had to tweek it i'd get rid of the hereteks for cultist 1/1 or 2/2
get rid of a copy of warp storm and blood rain tempest for maybe an additional copy of rune armor and fortress of maddness
while i ended up playing Space Marines 5 times in the swiss and cut, which is what i had it in there for, i never really needed to use it. I did play it one of my games to set up a klaivex on a dreadnaught but i didnt really need to.
Seer's Exodus was an interesting include. Did it ever do much for you?
The short answer is no. The long answer is, I can afford what I need.
I often sit with 1 or 2 orb city on hand and a prelate and 2 gun drones etc. I've found that the deck is great because I have all the pieces to solve any given puzzle, and depending on what I face, I play accordingly.

I don't play more than one orb city, until I feel I need it, which leaves me free for units. I focus on res/card gathering and sniping his warlord.
Tactical Withdrawal, Orb city and the 3 off event let me be exceptionally mobile, while Sniper Drone Team with Iron rifle or gun drones present massive threats. Adding in the Exarch it gets nasty. I often go for Yvarn to deploy the Exarch for free.
With 10 units at 4+ cost, do you find you have enough resources to fund both units and tricks/supports?
Alignment Wheel 2: Round 1 and BCL Spring 2017 Game 1
Zarathur, High Sorcerer
Alignment Wheel Season 2 Game 1 and BCL Spring 2017 Game 1
05/09/17 thru 05/09/17
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Agreed with opponent to use one game to play both leagues.

Against steinerp's Nazdreg. Planet Flop Barlus, Plannum, Iridial, Ferrin, Atrox Prime

Game started with Nazdreg having initiative so I didn't mulligan for Temptation. He got out STC Fragment giving me the early elite heads up then he deployed Squiggoth Brute p1. I worked to spread command out and choke him off for the round accepting the loss at planet 1. I was happy it was Brute at P1 so he had no command there and I didn't need to waste resources matching his command. I won command at 3 planets and he committed to Ferrin (P4) to snipe one of my units (and for the resources) which gave him a command win at 1 planet. My commit was to Plannum (P2) backed by a deep strike Noise Marine Warband. I committed there to protect the planet should he have committed there as he could have used it to move Squiggoth Brute from P1 to set up at P2. P1 was Barlus so he triggered a discard. I won at Plannum and moved my command unit away from his snipe at Ferrin and doubled up my command at Atrox where I thought he would route my Fanatics that were offsetting his Void Pirate. He indeed routed the Fanatics. So overall at round end I came out ahead on command.

Next round I started with a deploy of Purveyor of Hubris at planet 1. Though I was facing an elite deck Orks still have cheap efficient midrange and sig squad so I wanted to keep those out of the battle at P1, making Terror more effective. He deployed Blitzah Bommah there. I had a Gateway Noise Marine Zealot set up in hand and still had my Deep Strike unit at P1 in reserve (and thus not effected if Brute showed up from HQ) so I worked to fill out the command lock across all planets. We both committed P1. This was a strong command win for me. With Squiggoth exhausted I used the round to attack Nazdreg and the Bommah. I did Gateway in the Noise Marines to bloody Nazdreg but he played Brutal Cunning to move enough damage off and kill the Purveyor so I targeted the Bommah instead. I did as much damage that battle in round 1 as possible then routed Squiggoth with Archon's Terror and killed Blitzah before it readied. I won the planet and triggered the ability to set the Warband up at planet 3. Turns 3 and 4 went similar with me locking command. He did trigger Tarrus turn 3 but I matched his commit there to cancel his command and try and keep him from moving Brute (which committed with him) to P1 with Tellyporta. I won Iridial turn 3 and he won Ferrin on turn 4 while I set up at Atrox Prime, my win condition, dispatching a gitz with staff of command and a Enraged Ork following a brutal battle assisted by Clearcut on his end. The planet ability helped me regain command of the adjacent planet. Final battle was anticlimactic due to 2 staff of commands at planet 1; 7 resources; 2 Archon's Terror, a Firestorm and a Warpstorm in hand. I dealt with snakebite and routed the Clearcut Battlewagon at which point he conceded. *
Testing the Deep Strike Tellyporta
Zarathur, High Sorcerer
Show Full Reportexpand_more

2/22/17 vs Necrons Green Wave:
Win first four with help of Temptation but unable to clinch win. Attempted to insert into the snowball to disrupt prior to it getting going but heal effects paired with redundancy from harbinger made breaking through it too great a feat. I pushed a planet 5/6 win when I could have instead set up final planet but concern for the growing snowball and extermination kept me wanting to put some pressure on. Lost at p7 by assassination but game was over by then. Deck faired better than expected. Not sure about minefield and need at least 1 elite threat in there. Took out Infetious Nurgling, Warpstorm and 2 Rogue Traders. Added a Void Pirate, 2 Snotling Attacks, 2 Ard Boyz so now up to 51 cards.


4/14/2017 vs Aunshi
Faced Aun Shi. Went to round 5. Snotlings were played out twice and would have been of great assistance but he had enough units that could two-hit (sniper drone and Envorcer) that I couldn't outlast through numbers. Resources were scarce after first planet loss. Aun Shi had first turn Honor Blade and First turn city so even though I drew into Temptation there didn't occur a decent turn to put it out where the resource hit wouldn't hurt me more. Ard Boyz also of no help when Enforcer in picture. Overall deck felt limited in resources even though I spent most on 2 costs and didn't deep strike anything except the minefield. Did drain 3 resources attempting to firestorm a ranged unit on turn 1 that had a rifle to try and avoid the first turn bloody. He shielded and I was hit for 5 on a sig event city replace to Zara's planet. Snotlings and Minefield the shining cards in this game. Zara bloodied to early but his extra damage would have been of help.

Edits after: replaced 3 skrap nanna with 3 rogue for cost reduction. Added 3rd mine field. Added a bombin. Removed 2 idden base. Replaced sartharial with squig brute for now...
Worlds 2016 Battle Report
Minneapolis, USA
Worlds 2016
11/02/16 thru 11/03/16

Round 1: Eldorath

The guy mulliganed into a hand with an Exarch + Rouge Trader against my Battlewagons + some other things (inc either an STC or a BiB, can’t remember). He plays the Exarch to 2 (Iridial) and discards a Wraithknight + shield, whilst I play the Battlewagon to 1 and other thing to 4 and commit to 5 (or the other way around), so that Nazdreg would be opposite his command capper. He went to 3 (Y’varn) so I completely swept command. He did drop a second Exarch at 2, but at this point I was able to drop another elite as handily cleared his presence. Going into round 3, he swept command but I locked down first, which meant that even after double Gifting in the 2 dead Exarchs it just wasn’t enough, especially since they were killing the Snotlings but not triggering off of them.


Round 2: Kith

He mulliganed as well. I had a fun start with initiative by playing an Enraged Ork via BiB, following it up with Wroth, causing him to discard a Palace and a Pact. Given that he didn’t follow up that Palace with another one, I was very happy to see it go. I was then able to play a Flash Gits as well which pretty much made the game an uphill struggle for him, in which I ultimately won early.


Round 3: Ku’gath

This was against Asher whom ended up going 4-2 in Swiss and getting 10th place (although he ultimately dropped out of the cut to play Netrunner, so I blame him for my first cut match being against Varun). He mulliganed into a hand with just a Nurgling, which certainly helped since the first planet was Y’varn. I put a Blitz Bommer opposite it and commited down the line, which he did as well. Given the opening flop was Y’varn, Carnath, Tarrus I wasn’t feeling great especially since my deck isn’t as elite heavy as a Ku’gath deck and unlikely to field fewer units, but even though he did get the signature Gut + Pillage & Tarrus trigger at Carnath it wasn’t enough to keep him in the game. At the crucial battle he tried to double Terror my elite to which I double Backlashed, prompting him to call me a “horrible person”, to which I reminded him that he tried to terror me twice ;)


Round 4: Ku’gath

This was against Rick Reinhart (2016 US Champion) and was the toughest game of Swiss by far, if not the tournament (excluding the final). I had to use some clever Teleporta Pad tricks in order to keep my warlord safe, including commits opposite his elites. One round he placed a Possessed on planet 1, so I played an Enraged Ork opposite and passed. He commits to 1, I commit down stream. I Clearcut the Ork up to 11 hp, he swings with Ku’gath, I Pad over Nazdreg and immediately retreat, forcing him to hit the Ork with his Possessed. As I’m about to bloody his warlord he Terror’s it, but if he didn’t I would have probably won the game there and then. I ended up getting a modified win due to time on the penultimate round, but if the game had kept on going it could have been anyone’s game (I think I was slightly more favoured, but that’s without knowing what final elite he would have played).


Round 5: Kith

This was against Josh Wright, whom snuck into the cut at 15th place and ended up in the top 4. After the game with Rick I was brain dead so I thought this would be an instant loss for me, but fortunately I got the hand I needed and just let the deck go on auto pilot. Ironically the headache actually cleared by the end of the game


Round 6: Ku’gath

This was against Seth Rosen, the 2016 Worlds Runner Up. Early pressure made it difficult for him to really get a foothold anywhere, which meant that my train did its job. Using a surprise Sneakaz late game to bloody his warlord forced the concede.


------ TOP CUT ------

Top 16: Shadowsun

The Varun/Pejh faceoff was back, following our 90 match at the UK Nats in which his Ku’gath just about beat my Worr. This one was on the stream, so if you don’t want to be spoiled look away now. Unlike the Nats, I actually drew units, and thanks to him playing straight into my hand by taking the card wins on the first round I played a Wroth that dropped 4 cards from his hand second round. After that I made sure that I won command everywhere whilst guaranteeing the planets I needed, resulting in a big final battle where his massive Firedrake + horde of Techmarines was against my Partywagons + Squiggoth Brute. Thanks to him hitting the standing Battlewagon first, I triggered DStE, allowing me to fund every trick in my hand, resulting in 2 Sneakaz readying my Brute twice and killing his Firedrake. Pretty much game once that died


Top 8: Eldorath

This was the only Eldorath in the cut, which was surprising given the general consensus that more would reach the cut. He had an early command advantage but I was able to pressure him with my Battlewagon, meaning on the second round I had my Wagon at first opposite his Council, with my Warlord + something at second opposite his Vyper (exhausted) + Eldorath. I killed his Council, he gifted it back to kill he Battlewagon. I DStE then use the resources gained to play Fall Back, which he Nullified (I think he should have Nullified the DStE but forgot to), which stopped me from then Pad’ing it back into first. However, the Snotlings left behind killed the Council, to which he Gifted it back in again, forcing me to send Nazdreg to first and win the planet. At second, he Gifts the council AGAIN to win that battle, but not soon enough to stop the Vyper dying, meaning that the trigger (Plannum) was irrelevant. The extra resources from the DStE pretty much won the game for me from this point onwards.


Top 4: Kith

This was against Josh, whom I played in the Swiss. I was little worried that he might be on to my deck at this point, but fortunately I churned out the fast win thanks to some Flash Gitz and Partywagons. Him forgetting to trigger Kith’s ability for the Khymeras certainly helped, however


Finals: Kith

Finally my luck ran out. Muliganned into a cheap unit hand given half the cards were elite boosters (Fall Back, DStE, Backlash, maybe an STC as well) with no elites. Fortunately he didn’t have much either, but having a bad hand as Nazdreg is a lot worse than a bad hand as Kith, especially since I didn’t have much to take advantage of it. He drew all of his tricks and shields early which made winning planets without elites hard as heavy hits generally forgo shields, however I was eventually able to claw my way back up. I think the critical mistake I made was to not play the Brute to Iridial instead of the Blitz Bommer given he had passed on deploy actions and commit Nazdreg, instead, to Ferrin to guarantee the resources for a Backlash, which Nate confirmed with me afterwards would have been where he would have committed. Then I would have probably not needed to use the Brutal Cunning, allowing me to play a Battlewagon in the final battle which would have won me the game, or failing that the extra 2 cards may have found me the all important Rok Bombardment. Regardless, it was a really tough game that was well fought out on both sides. It certainly does not prove, as many have been saying, that Kith is “broken” or the Queen of the meta, but rather that player skill trumps overall (although a decent hand helps too ;) ). I have to say, though, that getting my Enraged Ork up to 20 hp in the world finals was just great

9-1 (the WAAAARGH is brought to a halt)
Warriors Against the Great Elite
Captain Cato Sicarius
Black Crusade League: Winter 2017
Show Full Reportexpand_more

Match 1:
Versus Gabb's Vezuel build. Start of game with a planet flop revealing opportunity to set up a round 4 win condition. Planet 1 was Plannum. Strong start with Cato's blade, Honored Librarian on planet 1, Rogue Trader, and a 10th company scout that I put on the only 2 resource planet (Osus) in order to draw his Vezuel commit to that planet. By the time I had passed he had put out 1 deep strike unit at P1 opposite my Librarian. I had enough to shield 2 damage were it the sig unit. I though I had a strong plan to commit Cato to P1, take out 1-2 units with armonbane blade and protected Librarian, then send Librarian readied to Osus backed by 10th company scout in order to counter Vezuel and scare him off. This would serve the dual purpose of also having a Librarian on the resource planet for remainder of game to help starve Vezuel of resources. Happens he did commit to Osus but he also put out 2 sig units on planet 1 and they put out enough direct damage to kill the librarian - I only had 1 shield card. Ultimately I won planet 1 but without the librarian to send to Osus Vezuel was able to win that battle, take another resource from me, and I was not set up strongly for future rounds. Were my Turn 1 plan to have worked I think I would have had a strong chance at game. I was certainly not out of the game, but once Vezuel got out Garrison I fell far behind in command and from that point forward the cards I drew were poor counters (e.g. siege force and Tactical Strike had no targets, Dark Angels Vindicator opposite warlord and Stealth squad (no command), and Chosen without targets because command was deep strike cards). Cato was bloodied from a double crushing blow (he had already played a third) and I conceded shortly after due to low card count with no targets and no resources and bloody warlord.

After game I reduced Vindicator from 2x to 1x and added a second Imperial Fist Devastator.


Match 2:
Versus ronnoc's Nazdreg deck. He came off to a strong start early game putting out a couple of enraged orks as command and strong combat units in early rounds. I took an early risk to deploy Crypt while he had enough resources to cover Squig Bombin but luckily he didn't have the card. His power level in combat was stronger than mine earlier, but I tried to scatter damage across his units to better set up Flamer Squad impact and the eventual auto-wear of Snakebite Thugs. I kept Cato off P1 and relied on Chosen to disrupt his command and DPA for planet one in order to focus on command game which eventually, between that and Crypt and a good amount of blue planets, I was able to shift the game into my direction. It was a good back and forth throughout game and he managed to bloody Cato when I committed to a planet with 2 enraged orks with the help of Krump Em (to give Ork 2 ATK and take out my 2 HP army unit) then Sneakaz to ready that same Ork and attack exhausted Cato with both. That was a reasonable and foreseeable trade off for me as he depleted a fair amount of cards and resources to do that and I had Iron Halo that I could put out on Cato after to protect the Assassination. After bloody I focused my commits on card choke (with help of Barlus) to further the pain of his low hand count and keep him out of battles. Final battle I had a large army train in HQ and win condition on both planet 1 or 2 and my opponent had army presence on planet 1 but no win condition. Obvious commit was for me to go P2 but I pushed a commit of Cato with army train to planet 1 because I had 2 flamers (in addition to other units), 2 Fury of Sicarius, 5 resources, 1 Indomitable and enough ready effects through Vengeance and Stronghold to manage my exhausted committed units and win battle. Carnath and Yvarn were in play, which provoked me to do the P1 rush. I had seen enough hints from his discards (Fall Back/Backlash shielding) and he had 1 Squiggoth Brute in play so I knew if I gave him P1 uncontested he may be able to put a second Brute in play. I won P1 and game with the rush but it was much closer than expected due to a Squiffy on one of my Flamers and a quick disposal of another of my Flamers by Brute (which was also Nullifying my AOE). I was able to dispatch brute with Fury of Sicarius and ultimately use Vengeance, Iron Halo threat, and Stronghold to good effect to secure the win.

After game I took out my last Vindicator because again this card was dead in hand. I need a good 4 cost replacement. I may settle on Assault Squad or a 3rd Devastators but for now am testing Ravenwing Escort.


Match 3
Versus Intolerance's Ba ar Zul deck. Flop with carnath, yvarn and plannum in play. Mulliganed into a command hand with a couple 10th company scouts. Had to play aggressively due to flop and early deploy round 1 indications that I was playing against an elite deck. Bloodied Ba ar Zul turn 1 with loss of p1. Next few rounds shut opponent out on command but didn't draw into a strong combat unit, or DPA, or Fury. Continued to hammer at bloodied warlord to attempt assassination or at least threaten so as to eliminate his armorbane, but by end he got enough elites out with yvarn to shut me down.


Match 4
Versus MiserableToad's Swarmlord. Out of the gate not a good matchup for Swarmlord. In addition, Planet flop with blue 2,3,4 and red 1,2,4. I went red due to the 2/4 crossover, fact that p1 was Tarrus, and my starting hand gave me a clear path to victory for game. Crypt, BAV at P1 and Flamer at P2 then pass. He deployed Termagant Horde to 1 so I sent Cato there for money but he didn't trigger. P1 victory. T2 got Librarian on P1 to put opponent on the track to playing the long game, as Swarmlord does. put a capper on P3, my win condition, to draw his commit as I was to send my warlord to P4 to drop off the BAV as Yvarn protector and also it appeared he may send synapse there. Big thing I wanted to do was keep P2 looking like it was his uncontested and make P3 clearly my win condition to try to get him to load it up with troops. I had Exterminatus. This turn I won P1 uncontested. He went P3 and killed my capper. I met up with Synapse at 4 and dispatched it with Fury. Next turn I delayed as long as I could. He put a second heavy on P2 (my win condition) then when I couldn't wait any longer I deployed a chosen to 2 and dragged his heavy with regeneration equipped from P1 to P2. Then I exterminatused the planet. I sent my warlord there to ready units for final battler. He took on my BAV at 3. BAV already had 2 damage but I fought it out to protect the Yvarn trigger, discarding 2 Halos and an Indomitable, but bloodied his warlord and defended the planet. Final battle he put the 6-cost AOE out on P1 but I pulled it over to planet 2 with chosen and won the planet. Opponent had to struggle through many disconnects on his side which must have been stressful.


Match 5
versus Ezerual's Urien. Took a mulligan in to 2 Calculated Strikes and 3 deployable units. Drew my 3rd calculated strike on turn 2 all of which were useless and ended up just being shields. Planet 1 Barlus so stuck BAV there to bully and get cards against the choke and hedged on planet 2 which was Plannum with a Cato commit opposite an Incubus and what ended up being Urien. Was able to fish out a Gauntlet with my attack and took 3 damage from incubus and 1 from Urien (shielding 1 with a Calc Strike). Iridial was in play so I was taking on damage in hopes that he might burn through some events as shield. A 3 shield told me he might have no two shields so I stayed and swung again, killing Warrior but forgetting to trigger my ability for cash. Urien struck back but then retreated when I stayed so was able to move BAV to set up for round 2. That made planet 4 my win. I did well on command enough that Urien couldn't lock in choke and got Crypt out turn 2. Over course of next 3 rounds deployed 3 4-cost units so that made me 8 resources. Opponent playing Hypex build and I was lucky to draw into my chosens to move them off planet. Played a commit game for command with Cato trying to keep my opponent from getting too many resoruces for events and letting my heavy units do the P1 combat. Got Iridial heal on turn 2. Was able to carry to victory on turn 4 with 3 Flamers at planet 1 on turn 4. Damn Chosen so hard for Urien to deal with.


Match 6
Opponent bowed out. Game not played.


Played itsDrake's Kith deck. Palace T1 with some Sslyth and Void Pirates. Easy Win at P1 but from there went downhill. Routed a Sslth off planet expecting to win a battle at Plannum vs. Kith, 2 Voids and a Khymera. She had 2 2-shields and battled me off planet, nullifying the unit I actually did route. From that point forward game was a downhill choke to final. Loss at P4 and out

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