by Morticutor  ●  4 months ago
"The Swarmlord"  ●  52 cards  ●  No Ally
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attach_file1Bone Sabres
attach_file3Noxious Fleshborer
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filter_hdr2Brood Chamber
filter_hdr3Spore Chimney
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by Morticutor  ●  4 months ago
"The Swarmlord"  ●  59 cards  ●  No Ally  ●  Swarm
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by  Slaanesh-Devotee  ●  7 months ago
Old Zogwort  ●  50 cards  ●  No Ally  ●  Swarm  ●  Aggression
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attach_file1Wyrdboy Stikk
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flash_on2Squig Bombin'
flash_on3Battle Cry
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filter_hdr3Ammo Depot
filter_hdr1Tellyporta Pad
filter_hdr1Zogwort's Hovel

by  warder808  ●  11 months ago
Captain Cato Sicarius  ●  50 cards  ●  No Ally
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attach_file2Fenrisian Wolf
attach_file1Iron Halo
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flash_on2Crushing Blow
flash_on2Primal Howl
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by Toni L  ●  > 1 year ago
Aun'shi  ●  51 cards  ●   (2)  ●  Midrange  ●  Combat Efficiency  ●  Hunt
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attach_file3Heavy Marker Drone
attach_file1Honor Blade
attach_file3Ion Rifle
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flash_on2Even the Odds
flash_on3Kauyon Strike
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by ItsDrake  ●  > 1 year ago
Packmaster Kith  ●  50 cards  ●   (7)
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attach_file1Agonizer of Bren
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flash_on1Seer's Exodus
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filter_hdr1Khymera Den
filter_hdr2Archon's Palace
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It does not. Only warlord
Does the Warlord train follow him with this card?
I like the art and the name. But the cost i feel is too much for the units it can target.

Is this a good card? Is it mediocre?
Rated: 4.75
Simply very good core card. Usefull even in non Chaos decks, that like to import some non - loyal Elites (Venomous Fiend, for example). You can put 5 cost Elite unit with this and STC Fragment for 1 or even 0 (with 1 more Cultist). Can provide 2 weak combat 1/1 units (not recomended)
(-) Without Daemon keyword Armies - not very usefull card; 1 shield (with 2 this can be too broken, heh); Deploy Action only.
(+) in most Chaos Midrange or Elites decks - very usefull, even mandatory card (large part of Alternative Economy); versatile and strong card, enabling many ways of additional economy.
Combos: Ancient Keeper of Secrets (in most lucky parts - 2 additional attacks); Daemon summoning (most and often usage); can be fodder for Smasha Gun battery in some cases (and for a lot of indirect damage income) .
(=) This card in 95% procent of my Chaos decks ( and in 100% of my Competetive decks) :P
Rated: 4.5
Very cool card; seems dangerous and costly to a lot of players, but can win battles and games in my experience, also synergies with a lot of cards (Brutal keyword; Nazdreg; Kugath) and if you have attachment on unit (any, even humble Promotion) this Army is safe from Energy of Change.
(+) - good with decks, that can run attachments; good with decks, that can "tank" damage or move it; good with Zarathur (3 dmg to any units on planet with him), but Warlord himself is vulnereble to damage.; can target enemy HQ; non - loyal.
(-) - costly; not for all chaos and allied decks; one shield icon; attachments are worst type of cards, from my game experience - hence, for most part you blast you units also for most part.
(=) I love this card, not universal, but can be Brutal (in all cases) surprise for you enemy.
When readied it will deal damage to every unit it has damaged in the combat phase, not just in the last combat round. It is only 1 damage
No Improbable Runt Machine in a Zogwort deck?!
I can't believe it. This unit is fantastic, and makes Zogwort far far more in pair with strong warlords.
while i ended up playing Space Marines 5 times in the swiss and cut, which is what i had it in there for, i never really needed to use it. I did play it one of my games to set up a klaivex on a dreadnaught but i didnt really need to.
Seer's Exodus was an interesting include. Did it ever do much for you?
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