It does not. Only warlord
Does the Warlord train follow him with this card?
I like the art and the name. But the cost i feel is too much for the units it can target.

Is this a good card? Is it mediocre?
Rated: 4.75
Simply very good core card. Usefull even in non Chaos decks, that like to import some non - loyal Elites (Venomous Fiend, for example). You can put 5 cost Elite unit with this and STC Fragment for 1 or even 0 (with 1 more Cultist). Can provide 2 weak combat 1/1 units (not recomended)
(-) Without Daemon keyword Armies - not very usefull card; 1 shield (with 2 this can be too broken, heh); Deploy Action only.
(+) in most Chaos Midrange or Elites decks - very usefull, even mandatory card (large part of Alternative Economy); versatile and strong card, enabling many ways of additional economy.
Combos: Ancient Keeper of Secrets (in most lucky parts - 2 additional attacks); Daemon summoning (most and often usage); can be fodder for Smasha Gun battery in some cases (and for a lot of indirect damage income) .
(=) This card in 95% procent of my Chaos decks ( and in 100% of my Competetive decks) :P
Rated: 4.5
Very cool card; seems dangerous and costly to a lot of players, but can win battles and games in my experience, also synergies with a lot of cards (Brutal keyword; Nazdreg; Kugath) and if you have attachment on unit (any, even humble Promotion) this Army is safe from Energy of Change.
(+) - good with decks, that can run attachments; good with decks, that can "tank" damage or move it; good with Zarathur (3 dmg to any units on planet with him), but Warlord himself is vulnereble to damage.; can target enemy HQ; non - loyal.
(-) - costly; not for all chaos and allied decks; one shield icon; attachments are worst type of cards, from my game experience - hence, for most part you blast you units also for most part.
(=) I love this card, not universal, but can be Brutal (in all cases) surprise for you enemy.
When readied it will deal damage to every unit it has damaged in the combat phase, not just in the last combat round. It is only 1 damage
For example i AOE for 2 combat rounds. When it will be ready at start of 3-rd combat round do damage count for all or just for last?
Otherwise will reaction damage for 2 in this situation or will damage for 1?
Rated: 4
A great card for SM, who is subject to exhaust effects and other control. Readying seems to be their available response to this. Problem really is that this event tends to be pushed out by other even more powerful Space Marine events for deck space. The benefit of that is that opponents tend not to expect this. Tightly ties with Flamer Squad and Blood Angels Veteran.
Rated: 5
An all time favourite card. Allows for so much potential and helps cheap command, what's not to like here?
Rated: 3.75
Really a solid unit in my experience. Good HP in a Space Marine deck where many units are 3 HP. Has the 2 command which does come into play. AOE1 and ATK 2 both aren't huge on a 4-coster, but the benefit of the ready reaction paired with ability to survive make this a hard unit to combat against. Rated 3.75 instead of 4 due to getting that big impressive boost from other cards, like cards with ready effects, or having a second one of these at planet, and being exposed to route/Deception.
Rated: 4.5
A solid unit. A command hammer, a cheap deploy turn, and an almost guaranteed card in a deck running 10+ attachments or drones. Added benefit in Tau for pulling cards at need, such as recon drone if command is needed, 2-shield attachment if heading into battle, or sniper drone team if you need combat punch. You can get by running only 2 of more situational cards or mid/late game cards like gun drones, sniper drone team, or heavy marker knowing this card can pull those up as needed.