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by Kaloo
> 1 year ago  (last month)
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Deck Strategy
Part of my collection of historic Conquest decks that shaped the meta throughout its lifespan.

Created and piloted by Jeremy Z

Legal sets at the time: Core Set

Strong focus on key cards in order to compete both economically and militarily. The "bad matchup" of the day was Eldorath, hence the stronger focus on cheap command than the future Cato decks in the Warlord cycle (where the focus shifted to DPA efficiency). Tactical Squads and Daring Assault Squads were included as swarm protection, particularly due to the general low hp pool of most units in the meta of the day (and as a convenient way to get around Librarians).

Track record:

1: Straken
2: Kith
3: Zarathur
4: Cato
5: Straken (modified win)
6: Cato

Top 16: Eldorath
Top 8: Kith
Top 4: Kith -
Finals: Cato -
video_library Linked Media
Worlds 2014 Final
Date: 11/17/14
Recorded By: FFG
Commented By: FFG
Jeremy Zwirn versus Davis Kingsley (Cato mirror)
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