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by AzimovSamara87
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Here is my attempt at building something (more or less) good with Dark Allegiance, not being in Baar Zul deck. Here goes Slaanesh ^ ^
Ideally you should spam a lot of cultists, when sacrifice them at the end of turn. Either in deploy phase, or with some unit actions (like Seekers of Slaanesh, Ancient Keeper of Secrets, Alluring Daemonettes).
Here my card choices:
Sivarla Soulbinder: MVP of deck, because of low cost, usefull ability (can move Cultists at any planet you need) and Daemon trait (potentially free unit).
Conjuring Warmaster: Elite support (can move them to his location) and Mobile, if you need him to be. Nice combos with Venomous Fiend.
Seekers of Slaanesh, Venomous Fiends and Keeper of Secrets is primary Elite choices, either because of inteeraction (Fiends) or cultist sacrifice (Keepers / Seekers).
Other Slaanesh units usefull, support me in some way and cheap with my Pledge.
Slaanesh's Temptation is one hell of a card - if deployed by Pledge or played with innitiative.
Calamity, Despise punish enemy economy; Blood Rain Tempest provide very unique effect before decisive battle at first planet.

Feedback is appreciatted ^ ^
Another original and attractive build. Blood Rain tempest is an interesting choice : could you explain more precisely how it affects decisive battle ?
I've tried this deck twice : hard to play but interesting. What about adding more Elite and 3 STC ? The Pledge + STC help you each turn to find Elite Units et deploy them cheaper.
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