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by Rocky Chompy
> 1 year ago  (> 1 year ago)
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You want to hyper mill to get your endless legions, standard bearers, and dark lance raiders in your discard pile. Then you can use your warlord ability on dark lance raider and endless legions. Both very powerful. Use drudgery on standard bearer and combo that into optimized protocol. With endless legions and optimized protocol you can easily get your 4/6 spiders out without ever deploying them.
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Harbinger of Eternity
comment Comments
Looks very fun and I'll bet it surprises people with nasty combat tricks.
How does it fare against strong command decks?
I just try to win the first few planets
How's that been working?
Approx win rate?
Thanks for the deck idea, I've stolen some of it and altered it to my taste :-)
It's been working well. I've only played like 10 games, maybe won like 7 of them. I'm interested in suggestions for changes. Would like to see what you did with it.
Nice win-rate :)

Well sure you can see it:

Brief explanation. Balefuls have been replaced by ratlings due to cost and to keep it to AM dial, and can still be used to copy ranged.
Flayed ones have gone out, I don't like random discards and Stormlord will have enough to text replace I think.

Flayed ones revenants are too steep a cost, although really nice stats.

I've also cut a lot of the supports in favor of more shields. Weight of the Aeons can be used to discard then have it's text replaced by endless legions if needed. And I don't like the many limited cards so I've kept it strictly to Drudgery to make sure it can always be used.

To pack in the extra punch, 2 Harbingers instead of one, to consistently be able to use drudgery/optimized protocol.

ok. I question how you are going to be able to fill up the discard pile without the flayed ones pack/revenants. Warlord doesn't really do anything if you don't have cards in your discard pile.
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