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by NoFragLimit
> 1 year ago  (7 months ago)
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Deck Strategy
Previous version with Sae'lum Enclave on Space Marines units changed for No Allies mode.

Bork'an Sept [ pledge ] opening with Positional Relay for early attachment draws.
Ranged , Unique and Mobile units for Ambush Platform flexibility.
Strong Command icon count with Rouge Traders and Smugglers Den for economy gain.
Deck loaded with double shields works fine with Fireblade Kais'vre
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  "The Swarmlord"
  Talyesin Fharenal
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Sniper Drone Team
Positional Relay
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6th Round of Jesters Masquerade - Shadowsun vs Liatha
Date: 02/24/19
Recorded By: NoFragLimit
Commented By: NoFragLimit
6th round of Jesters Masquerade played between NoFragLimit ( Shadowsun ) vs Eric Lopez ( Liatha ) . Ruthless elimination from top of the leader-board in tournament just before the final with one side absolutely dominating the command, blocking resource income for the opponent. Both sides loaded with 2 shields but only one is able to cut through them and deal some damage.
Talyesin Fharenal vs Shadowsun - Gardis Unearthed League ( 1st Round )
Date: 08/24/18
Recorded By: NoFragLimit
Commented By: NoFragLimit
1st Round of Gardis Unearthed League - Talyesin Fharenal vs Shadowsun
Shadowsun vs Zen Xi ( Mangeras Fall - online tournament )
Date: 05/01/18
Recorded By: NoFragLimit
Commented By: NoFragLimit
Early round of Mangera's Fall tournament played with my Shadowsun deck against Andrew D.
No recent Apoka upgrades there yet but lot of useful comments included about tactics - how to play .
comment Comments
One of my decks used in last tournament . Recently upgraded with new Apoka attachments from new release.
Strong builds with attachments on ranged units , plenty of command icons and shields .
Space Marines allies cheap buff on reduced cost from Sae'lum Enclave.
Woaw. Nice deck, and a recorded game with it, wonderful!
- Are the Enclaves justified with only 7 SM units? How does it perform in game?
- You play Kais'vre but not Shas'el Lyst. Is Shas'el Lyst not that good?
(PS: You updated with cards from Pack 3, but you forgot to remove Gun Drones. You can't have both :p)
Hey JamesHC
- No Good Point . I have dropped this recently from 11 units only because of cards from Pack 3 but will need to re-think.

- Shaes is a great defensive unit no doubt but it's very visible and straight forward he needs to be ready. Kais'vre is doing very well dragged along with warlord and with such amount of two shielded cards in deck most of the times he bounce back the strongest attacks. I was previously using Repair Bays to bring back drones like Heavy markers used as shields.

- Gun drones definitely needs to stay. I was not aware of limitation you've just mentioned is this purely about Escort vs Gun Drones ?
Hey NoFrag. He's talking about the new card "First Dawn".
Dangerously low unit count or have you not run into issues with drawing units?
Dietzen : Not really , 24 - 26 it's about a standard I apply in most of my decks.
This is a meh builder so high number is taken by attachments and those add-on real firepower.
I would really say the biggest threat lies in lack of command once dominated hard to recover without Saelum Enclave.
Ah okay, makes sense. Saw your last game, was nice.
What's meh builder though?
Thanks , was too easy... still looking for a real challenge.
Should be Mech. - shortcut for mechanized transformer

I have recently replaced banned Gun drones for Assault Squads make more use of Sae'lum
I'm sure you're opponent would be thrilled to hear your assessment of the match
Complete change removing all alter economy discounts with SM on Saelum Enclave for New attachement focused cards , very important pledge start for Positional Relay ... strong command in overal Smuglers Den and all New Unique units work very well.
Is this what you played me with on Sunday? Absolutely insane deck!

Added Breach and Clear and Tactical Withdraw for early victory push.
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