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by Duelist12
7 months ago  (7 months ago)
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"Krieg Armoured Regiment" + "Death serves the emperor" is broken in my opinion.
Why Coteaz instead of maxim ?

The 8 ressources/8cards is a big deal. It allows me to deploy 1 "stc"+ 1*6 cost elite + 3* command units round one. Or a "leman russ" + 3 command units. It also grants me more chances to get a good start with a "stc" in my starting hand.

"The Emperor protects" is good with "death serves the emperor".

I still need to cut one card to be at 50.
Well, Any Elite + Death serves the Emperor is broken. ^^
The deck looks cool. Coteaz over Maksim is interesting. I can see another advantage: You can sac the Krieg Armoured Regiment when you really need it.
On the other hand Maksim would allow for 3 Clearcut Refuge, which is really, really powerful with Elites. Hard choices. ^^
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