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by NoFragLimit
> 1 year ago  (8 months ago)
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Deck Strategy
This deck is made to exploit brutal ability of low cost units by maximizing their HP and move damage away from Nazdreg itself with Field Generators or Front line Ard'Boyz with Hostile Gear and Clearhut Refuge can boost them really well, Rokit launcha and Huge Chain Choppa gives advantage to Flash Gits on double re-loaded ranged (triple with ambush from Kommando ). Ard'Boyz can build up to sick 24hp on Cybork Body with Astra add-ons from Hostile Gear and ... if Luck painted ? you won't go around this wall.

Absolutely important for this deck are Clearhut boost and Tellyporta Pads mobile options and Blood Axe Strategist (hit and run options ) make a threat to any Warlord landing on 1st planet . No heavy elites except of beloved Blitza-Bommer on pure synchro working with Kommando Sneakaz and Standard Bearers. Blood Axe Strategist together with Tellyporta's are keeping momentum from first won battle for snowball strategy choke on 1st planets .

I have removed Squiggoth Brute due to new limitations.. instead I've added one Huge chain-choppa for signature Gitz on reload. Catachan Devils have been replaced by Kommando Sneakaz. I'm also running new pledge Waaghh! with 12 attachments but cannot include it in this build.
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Nazdreg vs Baharroth
Date: 08/12/18
Edited: 2018-09-03 16:52:54
Recorded By: NoFragLimit
Commented By: NoFragLimit
Warm up game after few months of absence from Conquest to dust off my rusty skills with my oldest deck, video is presenting some possible surprising tricks on Ambush / Ranged / Brutal combo.
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So the corpulent ork is just included for the high HP?
Corpulent Orks didn't worked switched for Enraged ...
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