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by Duelist12
> 1 year ago  (7 months ago)
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No command, Planet 1 rush.
comment Comments
Dang, the deck looks cool!
Just wondering, why 3x Vengeance? There isn't much good targets for it. Especially because you don't play Honored Librarian, the top target for this event. (Knight Paladin Valoris cannot be targeted)
very impressed with the power level of this deck. I think you really did a good job capturing the play style of this warlord. Would suggest cutting down to 50 cards, but otherwise a solid deck.
Thanks for feedback ;)

To be honest, I did not get that "vengeance" couldn't be used on Valoris. So I am following the advice of you both :

+1 "Standard bearer".
-3 "Vengeance".

This will cut the deck down to 50 cards while removing what does not work. If I am not mistaken, "Standard Bearer" works with "Knight Paladin Valoris".

Just a little bit worried about the lack of shields with this modification.
Standard bearer works with him yes, since it doesn't say target
+ 1 "Iron halo"

It's necessary because the warlord is always on planet 1 and he can find himself in trouble when people start to target him instead of other units, in order to avoid Retaliate.
Trying to keep my decks up to date.

The more I play this deck, the more I realize that protecting the warlord is absolutely mandatory. The retaliate keyword can be totaly bypassed by targeting him which is a loosy scenario.

- 3 "dodging landspeeder" (was nice but no soldier trait and also tend to fail the "first line rhinos" rally 6)
- 3 "tactical squad cardinis"

+2 "Iron halo" (keeping the warlord safe is an absolute necessity).
+3 "catachan devil patrol" (even more warlord protection).
+1 "grand master belial".

I am even thinking about "counterblow".
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