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by Duelist12
6 months ago  (4 months ago)
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Take command - disrupt adversary's command - and put some pressure on the enemy warlord.
last modifications :

- 1 veteran brother maxos.
- 1 "veteran barbrus".
- 1 "fierce purgator".
+3 "Scion strike force".

This will add some pressure on the enemy warlord. "Scion strike force" is a lot of fun with "holy chapel".
I can see clear Ranged traps loaded with faith icons , secured No Mercy on Unique units. You actually running similar deck to my Ragnar I'm just unsure about 3 copies of Terminator Armour with so many AM units you could better replace them with Catachan Outpost's more mobility in shooting or add copy of Staging Ground for unexpected deployments.
Thanks for feedback !

It's right that I can not put "terminator armour" on "scion strike force", but after some tests, it appears that it is bonkers on "interceptor squad". It makes it as good as an eldar "wildrider vyper" with three different ways of moving around planets.

"Terminator armour" allows me to :

- Boost attack value of grey knights units (which is not stellar tbh). Also The +2/+2 makes them a match for elite units which is a need when you face those insane elite decks. Chaos, astra and necrons elite are popular in my play group with a lot of "krieg armour regiment"/"venomous fiend" abuses.
- Get the attached unit back into the fray when it is trapped with the warlord train (which won me at least one game).
- put some pressure on my opponent's warlord when he wants to chase my scout units.

"Catachan outpost" : Very interesting idea. In fact, when I first built this deck I already thought about it, then I replaced it with Holy chapel which has a very similar function (adding damage) but is more versatile and cheaper.
Adding it back could tremendously enhance the fire power of my units but I really don't know what to cut. "Terminator armour" is not an option, and I am also reluctant to cut "Revered heavy flamer" because it has a lot of sinergies with warlord's ability, range units and "no mercy".

Also, our local meta slowly leans towards high number of shield cards, and it is always worrying to replace a 2 shields card by a no shield one.

Tough choices.

-2 fierce purgator
+2 sanctified aggressor
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