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by tdnordine
4 weeks ago  (4 weeks ago)
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This is a very non-standard Cato build focused on Area Effect. I have all the Area Effect Space Marine cards as well as a solid command base and the usual suite of events minus Drop Pod and including Vengeance.

The deck revolves around using (abusing) the Area Effect cards through multiple reading effects (Vengence, Standard Bearer, Cato's Stronghold) to wipe even big armies off the map.

I have only piloted it 3 times, and always against my 15 year old son, but in all cases, it proved to be a powerful deck to deal with. The best was the destruction of a large Necron Army (2 Dread Monoliths (one with 2 dmg), 2 Lynchguard Sentinels (1 Exhausted), 1 Praetorian Ancient (exhausted), 2 Harbinger of Eternity, and a Canoptek Spider with an Unbloodied Anrakyr) all having their HP buffed by +6 through 3 Mechanical Enhancements.
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