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by Duelist12
4 months ago  (4 months ago)
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You should play the third Inquisitor Caius Wroth : it's a gamebreaker on turn one.

Harbinger of Eternity + Resurrection Orb is a great combo, but it's not what you need it in this deck.

Indeed, the only problems this deck can have is against very fast rush decks. If the game lasts, you've already won. Really.

So, you don't need a "win more" combo of two cards for the late game : you need solutions to stand against a rush in the early game.
"Harbringer of eternity"+"Resurrection orb" is jut an additional way to trigger "optimized protocol", though. Which you can do from the discard pile with the harbringer. "Resurection orb" can also put into play "Flayed Ones Revenants" or "Triarch Stalkers Procession" bypassing the restriction.
This deck is just a variation of yours. A little more combostatic one.
By the way, if playtesters come around here, I think that - and this is a shared opinion - Endless Legion is completely NPE in this kind of deck (if the opponent cannot play enough cards to handle holdings).

The design of Team Apoka is excellent, their balance is even better than that of FFG, but there are still two cards that, when in the heart of dedicated decks, are completely broken and really deserve either a nerf, or a ban : Shedding Hive Crone and Endless Legion.
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