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This deck is insane... In our playgroup, the "Lictor problem" is a debate. Does it need a ban/MRP to see other synapse in Tyrannid's deck ?
I wonder about that. All the Apoka synapses seem quite strong, but so far when I test with them I just go back to the lictor.
I want to try this deck sometime. The major differences from FFG-era OOE elite builds that I concluded were not too crazy are:
- much higher unit quality due to 6x Apoka elites
- 3x Consumption, up from 0

Wonder if it's the Consumptions that make it crazy.
I agree : I tried it, and yes, this deck is insane !

However there is only two Apoka cards in this deck, the Goliath Rockgrinder (instead of the Haruspex) and, above all, the Shedding Hive Crone.

In itself, the Shedding Hive Crone is the best tyrannid elite (the best elite of all ?), and when it's there, it's a pain in the ass to deal with it (Fall Back, Backlash, Dark Cunning, Awakening Cavern...)

More than that, it is the fourth valuable elite in the deck, which allows to stabilize this option to play without any small control unit.

With an elite planet 1, the warlord and the synapse, you will often manage to take command on three planets, and at least 2, in turn 1 (thanks to the Lictor).

If the opponent has swarmed the board with command units on turn 1, he can lose all his investment on a Consumption on turn 2.

So, even without cappers, this deck is not so bad in command... and it has some funny tricks in combat phase (No Mercy, Ferocious Strengh, Dark Cunning, AOE 2., etc.).

Playing big elites is strong, straightening big elites is strong, free money with STC/Invasion Site is strong...

The icing on the cake is that Old One Eye is very powerful, even all alone, and can win a planet by itself, and that a Lurking Hormagaunt (signature squad) with Regeneration/Ymgarl Factor is almost as strong as a big elite - so that the instability of not having an elite in our starting hand is not so crippling !
Just ban the lictor. Problem solved.
@shinobi In my playgroup, OOE players switched to Praetorian Shadow by a large margin.
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