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by Rocky Chompy
> 1 year ago  (> 1 year ago)
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Not a whole lot to fight here, how has the deck fared?
It's fared well. The mobility of the deck allows it to control the board very well, and doesn't need to fight unless it is in a favorable situation.
How do you struggle against heavy command decks ?
Also, could you explain some x1 choices (Sybarite, Jetbike, ...) ?
Well. A lot of the units have 2 command, and the mobility allows you to snipe command very well. I don't see anything wrong with the 1x options. marksman's ranged + shuriken catapult can be nice in a pinch, and jetbike is just more shields.
Commands decks also have units with 2 commands icons. But you're right Mobile and move is an asset. I need to practice this deck ;-)
Nothing wrong with x1 cards, just wanted an explanation and I got it.
Also I feel uncomfortable with unique support x2. Sure, you want them quickly in hand, but with my luck, I will always have 2 same support in hand :-)
You can often send the extra copies to the bottom with eldritch council. Happy to see you are so interested in my deck!
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