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by jkayati
6 months ago  (6 months ago)
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Building decks for casual play from a play set of 3x core and 1x of the first two cycles and deluxe boxes. Looking to build 2 decks for each faction. All of these decks are base on those put together by Maik on BGG. Those decks have access to a full play set and create 28 decks for casual play.
I'm pretty sure this deck will fail miserably in the command phase. I'm happy to help you test it out on the OCTGN if you would like. I have several desks that are only using core set cards.
I haven't used OCTGN before, so I can't just hop on. Do you have certain metrics for Command Icons to hit in each deck?

I'm just looking to build some decks for casual play using one play set that doesn't include the last cycle.

Any suggestions for changes?
General wisdom holds that you should aim to deploy 4 command hammers turn 1. You can use the resource/hammer metric to see, if on average, you'll be able to achieve this. Currently, your resources/hammer is 2.7, so in order to deploy 4 hammers turn 1, you would need 4 x 2.7 ~ 11 resources which is impossible since you only start with 7 resources. If you keep your resources/hammer around 1.75 then you should be able to reliably deploy 4 command hammers turn 1.
Thanks for the feedback. The goal of these decks are to create 18 decks that are playable against each other out of the box. Just pick a faction and play. So, I'm hoping to get a balance between these decks, knowing they would likely get crushed against decks built for competition.

All that said, I'll be making some changes to lower the Command cost curve, as best I can given the card pool restrictions.

In your experience, is the Command "hammer" cost curve the only way to build a deck? Can a big "rush" deck overcome the Command stuggle losses?
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