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What does the "4/5" mean?
Yeah, what does the 4/5 mean?
Now, nothing at all : I had originally posted the five decks I'm testing, but after a few games I realized that two of them were really wobbly :) !
I have no experience playing with this warlord and Necrons in general, but I noticed you did not include any out-of-faction units aside from the neutral units. Is that simply to maximize your chances of a successful Rally using Endless Legions, or is it that you couldn't find an out-of-faction unit that fits with your overall strategy?
I need some big units that have a big impact on the game when they arrive, if possible in the first turn. These are the Revenant and Wroth.

The Revenant have big stats and their disadvantage almost becomes an advantage with Anrakyr : most often, out of the two discarded units, one can be immediately deployed thanks to the warlord, and the other was intended to go into the discard (procession, squad, one or two eternals...).

Worr creates a big hand size differential on turn one, especially if I started = my opponent will play his T1 with 4 cards, while for my part I will play with 6 cards (4 cards + Worth + a deployed unit from the discard thanks to the Warlord), while starting to put fuel for the Endless Legions in the discard.

I also need, as you said, enough units that can come to Endless Legion.

Finally, I need some cheap command units, because I have to draw my endless legions and optimized protocols as quickly as possible in order to create the surplus quickly (especially if I'm playing against a rush deck that can win on planet 3).

And so, indeed, my power as a necron to play units from others factions is often limited to the ability of the warlord (e.g. stealing a cheap command unit in the opposing discard).
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