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Nothing special here, it's again a very classic build which includes all deep strike space marines cards available except "dodging landspeeder".

I can play the command game or rush planet one depending on my opening hand. "Rogue traders" are an obvious choice as deep striking needs ressources while warlord's ability provides cards. I added some scouts and markmans for "terminator armour" combos.

Since "Terminator Armour" is already a lot of fun in combination with "Valkyris Pattern Jump Pack", I have to confess I had some ideas about adding ""Centurion warsuit" for even more joy. That could lead to the inclusion of "talon strike force" but I am not very fond of pledge cards since the minus 1 card in starting hand hurts the turn one command game badly.
You are trying to exploit flying factor from Jump Packs but it won't save your minions from extermination against real enemy, those expansive attachments placed on weak units could be easily lost and in most situations you cannot place them on cards in Deep Strike (20).

To maximize full potential of Centurion Warsuit you should think about Air Caste Courier and let them move it around to skip their negative lumbering effect or just include Ambush platform for absolute surprise.
Thanks for feedback,

I think nothing prevents me from attaching "Valkyris jump pack" and "terminator armour" on a deep strike unit as long as I reveal them after the deep stike unit. There are 13 deep strike combat units in the deck ("8th company assault squad", "deathwing interceder", deathwing terminator", "vezuel's hunter"). These are the true targets for deep stroke attachments. That's why I don't understand your statement : "in most situations you cannot place them on cards in Deep Strike"

"Centurion warsuit" is here just to be attached to a unit that bows in the warlord train when it commits. And this bowed unit can be readied by "8th company assaut squad".

Ambush platform is a very interesting idea.
it looks like deep striking an attachment is not deploying it, so one wouldn't be able to trigger talon strike force anyway.
Talon strike force was a bad idea since all attachments in the deck enhance health points in a way or an other. Shielding with them would be like loosing health which is pointless except may be against dark eldars in order to block "klvex warleader".
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