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by Duelist12
> 1 year ago  (4 months ago)
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A very classical build which tries to include some Apoka teams's excellent new cards in order to match most recent decks.

I am really not sure "Captain Cato sicarius" is still the powerhouse it was back in coreset days, though.

"Storming librarian" is one of the things I am the most unsure about ; while it is a very good unit on the paper, it feels counter-intuitive in a Cato build in my opinion.

For me, Cato sicarius is about "killing an enemy unit right now, in order to gain one more ressource to fuel the next trick, and so on, until the battle is won".
To achieve this, I need high damage units, but "storming librarian" high damage is, at best, delayed until the next combat round. No kill means : no ressources gain and no ressources gain means I won't be allowed to play an other "indomitable" or "drop pod assault"."
- 3 "Catachan devils patrol"
+1 "standard bearer" ("centurion warsuit" optimisation).
+1 "brother veteran maxos" ("assault drop pod" success optimisation).
+1 "storming librarian" (I will do more testing in order to see if it is good or not).
Updated version of inside the wire.

This has got a better command minigame with a lot of space marines command units in order to set up "rally the charge" traps.
What are your thoughts on the Storming Librarian after you've had a chance to play with it?
Early in the game, it's a great planet 1 blitzer. In a late game massive battle, it's not that good.
It also has some value when brought into play coming with a "drop pod assault" while everything in the enemy army is exhausted, just before the begining of a new combat round.
Replaced "rally the charge" by "catachan outpost" because "catachan outpost"+"tallassarian tempest blade" is too good to be dismissed. "Neophyte Apprentice" has been exchanged for "eager recruit" in order to enhance the ambush capacities ("eager recruit"+"terminator armour"). "Inspiring sergeant" instead of "storming librarian" for the cost curve and more interactions with "honored librarian".

-3 storming librarian
-3 Neophyte apprentice
-3 rally the charge
+3 eager recruit
+3 inspiring sergeant
+3 catachan outpost
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