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by Duelist12
4 months ago  (4 months ago)
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Deck Strategy
This is a blitz deck on green planets, but depending on the flop, you want to adapt your strategy.
You aim for green planets so don't hesitate to commit your warlord on them (even if it's not the first) just in order to put "sacaellum's finests" into play. Ideally all your units will be deployed on two green planets, so "inspirational fervor" will help you move your unit from the first against the enemy warlord chasing on the second.

Don't forget all your units have the soldier keyword except "undying saint", so they are elligible for the +1 straken's bonus.

The deck is able to deal a lot of damage before the adversary is even able to counter attack : "preemptive barrage" + "outflank them' + "noble deed". Surviving enemies are controlled by "suppressive fire" and "catachan devils"
Sometimes, in a big battle it's a good thing to let the enemy kill a unit for "blood of martyrs" before an "outflank them".

I know broderick worr is a lot more effective than straken for the same game style, but it is so much rewarding to play that.
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-3 "Undying saint" (lumbering is a bad idea in a deck that relies on preemptive barrage)
+2 "Sacaellum shrine guard" (cheap, soldier trait).
+1 "Exalted celestian" (soldier and ecclesiarchy sinergising with "dominion eugenia")
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