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The deck looks promising. Just not sure about 3x Flayed Ones Revenants, it goes against Endless Legions.
Thanks for feedback :)

"Flayed ones Revenants" is in my opinion a key card in this deck.

I can't put it into play with "endless legions", (an other key card) but at the same time it also has a lot of sinergy with it : Discarding 8 cards of the top of my deck early in the game enables the following tricks :

- Warlord's deploy action.
- "Decaying warrior squad's pseudo ambush.
- "Dynastic weaponry" on "decaying warrior squad".
- "Optimized protocol" on "Triarch Stalkers procession".
- "Endless legions" needs units in the discard pile to fuel the process.

The deck really needs to put a lot of things in the discard pile the sooner possible, and this is exactly what "Flayed ones revenants" does. "Slumbering tomb"+"recycle"+"Flayed ones pack" and signature attachment is not enougth.

Also, the unit has excellent stats, even when you pay it full 6 cost. One of the game plans is to have it in my starting hand and pay the full 6 cost to deploy it on planet 1. If it comes later in the game, I can play it the other way.
Why not start the game with discard and then deploy something with Anrakyr?
Else I totally agree, it fits well into the theme
It is also doable but having a lot of things in the discard pile as soon as turn 1 might be better in the long run.

If you already have other self discard effects in hand, then I agree, deploying for only 4, discard and deploying something with anrakyr can be the best choice.
Very solid deck. I have built a similar deck myself. May I recommend parasitic scarabs as a wonderful addition to help you play more cards and has wonderful synergy with decaying warrior squad.
I tried this deck out. It was very fun.

The game went to the 6th planet. I was winning like 40 %or 50% of the command struggles.

I felt like I had to hold on to all my money for ambushing Decaying Warrior Squad, and Optimized Protocol.

Is this normal or do I just need more practice?

yes, "Decaying warrior squad" and "optimized protocol" are very important cards in this deck.

If you have enougth things in your discard pile, you should not care that much about drawing cards because "endless legions" "decaying warrior squad" and "optimized protocol" are sufficient for the job.

Winning command on high ressources planets is a priority, though, since ressources are the main bottleneck. That's also why Rocky chompy's idea about adding "parasiting scarabs" might be a very good one (1 cost reduction on "decaying warrior squad" is a big deal). "Rogue trader" with the warlord train on planet 1 can also be a thing ; Zombi capitalism !
-1 Canoptek scarab swarm.
-1 Reanimated warriors.
-1 raving Cryptek.

+3 Parasitic Scarabs.

I followed Chompy's advice and added the parasitic scarabs.
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