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by Duelist12
> 1 year ago  (last month)
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I Lowered the number of support cards since the most recent printing of varn. I Traded 1 cost supports for more resilient ones but the nerf hits hard.

"Crypt of saint camila" is the most important one so you need to get it on the table as soon as possible. Loads of 2 hammers-combat units so I included "rally the charge" and loads of AOE so you can adapt to your oponent's playstyle (burst damage vs elite/AOE against swarms).

The deck feels strange to play. That is because it is very different from my usual way to build marines decks. Optimising my personalities linup around 1 and 3 cost units is what I am acostumated to with space marines. "Drop Pod Assault" is a card that can be played in all my marines decks because of that. Even if currently, only my cato and ragnar builds actually use this card, it can easily be added without a problem.

Varn is interesting because using "Crypt of saint Camila" forces me to build around 4 costs units instead of 3 cost.
I'm pretty sure imperial fists devastators doesn't work with crypt because it says deploy, not put into play
Rocky is correct
Thanks for feedback,

I knew about that. I think it's still ok to play it for free with "Crypt of st camila" if you don't need to absolutely destroy a support card. Lots of annoying things already do not have the location keyword, anyway.
I would think that there would be better units at the 3 cost mark, compared to imperial fist devastators.
But none of them has 2 command icons, except "veteran brother maxos" which is unique and "Iron hands techmarine" which is not that good. And 2 command icons is exactly what I need. I built this deck around two cards : "Crypt of saint camila" and "rally the charge".

Imperial fist devastators has :
- 4 cost unit for a free "crypt of saint camilla" pseudo deploy. Check.
- 2 Command icons for "rally the charge". Check.
- Conditional and somewhat situational ability. Ok.

"Rally the charge" might not be the best space marine trick available, but that's just what I wanted to do, a deck that uses this poor forgotten card. Then I found all these 4 cost/2 command icons units ; "crypt of saint camila" and "the emperor's retribution".

By the way, I Tested the deck this afternoon, and it worked surprising well, as I was able to totally dominate the command game. "The emperor's retribution" is nice with the two hammers units and is sinergetical with "rally the charge". "Imperial Fists Siege Force" helped a lot, routing these pesky traders and pirates with "promotion".
Changed the deck's name.

- 3 "Primal howl".
+3 "Aerial deployment".

Card for card, "Primal howl" is a far better card than "Aerial deployment". But "aerial deployment" has great synergy with "The emperor's retribution", 2 hammers units and "imperial fist siege force". The goal is to heavily mess with my opponent's plans by deploying and moving my units after he passes during the deploy phase.

Also : -1 "daring assault squad".
+1 "Knight paladin voris".

Because I Don't see anything that forbids to put it into play with "crypt of saint camila" or "Vamii industrial complex"
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