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by Duelist12
7 months ago  (5 months ago)
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Deck Strategy
This deck is not an original idea from me but an adaptation of this excellent one :

I added more space wolfves units for fluff fun, and exchanged "staging ground" for "drop pod assault". The main thing I miss from the original deck is the "staging ground" + "Ratling Deadeye" combo but "assault drop pod" makes more sense with my 3 cost space wolves line-up. I also added "crushing blow" as I rely less on astra miltarum units.

"Honored librarian" and "white scars bikers" have more firepower than my space wolves but "blood claw pack" + "sanctified aggressor" looked so good on the paper that I wanted to test it.

Also, "trapped objective" has been included in this build because : why not ?
comment Comments
- 1 "trapped objective"
- 1 "Scion strike force"
- 1 "lone wolf"

+3 "Rogue Trader"

Added the traders back, they are necessary for my economy and also as a way to pull enemy warlord into the trap.
-3 catachan devils patrol
-3 crushing blow
-2 lone wolf

+3 Eager recruit
+3 Terminator armour
+1 Duke of debris
+1 Scion strike force

Eager recruit+terminator armour is one of the best trick you can add in a hunt deck.
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