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by Fractalmind
> 1 year ago  (> 1 year ago)
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  Captain Cato Sicarius
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This is the first list in a progression style environment where my opponent and I will be slowly adding in additional cards from the war packs in the order they were released. The ETC's search ability will help dig for the Tallarsian Tempest Blade, Iron Halos, Promotions, and Ion Rifles.
Hey Fractalmind, I like the style you are playing with your friend. My brother and I just started the same progression style (right now Core an Warlord Cycle) on OCTGN, cause we’re cannot play live due to Corona.

We are from Germany and I started and OCTGN League (with 2 participants right now) on starting in May.

If you and your opponent are interested, feel free to contact me, to play together. We are no pros, just a fun and experimental.

Greetings from Germany were ever you are from!
My Mail ist
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