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Fiery Heart Immolator (Astra Militarum)Salamander Scout (Astra Militarum)Krakfang (Orks)Rammin' Speed (Orks)Krump 'Em (Orks)Bloodfeeder (Chaos)Advocator of Blood (Chaos)Expendable Pawn (Chaos)Morkanaut Rekuperator (Orks)Fairly 'Quipped Kommando (Orks)Slave-powered Wagons (Orks)Impuslive Loota (Orks)First Dawn (Neutral)Herald of the WAAAGH! (Orks)Last Dawn (Neutral)Ratling Deadeye (Astra Militarum)Sanctioned Psyker (Astra Militarum)Mordian Hellhound (Astra Militarum)Assault Valkyrie (Astra Militarum)Stalwart Ogryn (Astra Militarum)Penal Legionnaire (Astra Militarum)Infantry Conscripts (Astra Militarum)Elysian Assault Team (Astra Militarum)Suppressive Fire (Astra Militarum)Hostile Environment Gear (Astra Militarum)Imperial Bunker (Astra Militarum)Catachan Outpost (Astra Militarum)Sniveling Grot (Orks)Goff Nob (Orks)Weirdboy Maniak (Orks)Tankbusta Bommaz (Orks)Rugged Killa Kans (Orks)Enraged Ork (Orks)Crushface (Orks)Bad Dok (Orks)Rokkitboy (Orks)Goff Boyz (Orks)Shoota Mob (Orks)Burna Boyz (Orks)Battle Cry (Orks)Snotling Attack (Orks)Squig Bombin' (Orks)Rokkit Launcha (Orks)Ork Kannon (Orks)Bigtoof Banna (Orks)Tellyporta Pad (Orks)Possessed (Chaos)Splintered Path Acolyte (Chaos)Khorne Berzerker (Chaos)Umbral Preacher (Chaos)Ravenous Flesh Hounds (Chaos)Virulent Plague Squad (Chaos)Chaos Fanatics (Chaos)Soul Grinder (Chaos)Warpstorm (Chaos)Promise of Glory (Chaos)Rune-Encrusted Armor (Chaos)Dire Mutation (Chaos)Fortress of Madness (Chaos)Murder Cogitator (Chaos)No Mercy (Neutral)Void Pirate (Neutral)Rogue Trader (Neutral)Fall Back! (Neutral)Promethium Mine (Neutral)Promotion (Neutral)Herald of the WAAAGH! (Orks)Tenacious Novice Squad (Astra Militarum)Sacred Rose Immolator (Astra Militarum)Fanatical Sister Repentia (Astra Militarum)Heavy Flamer Retributor (Astra Militarum)Exalted Celestians (Astra Militarum)Eloquent Confessor (Astra Militarum)Zealous Cantus (Astra Militarum)Vengeful Seraphim (Astra Militarum)Pattern IX Immolator (Astra Militarum)Agra's Preachings (Astra Militarum)Holy Chapel (Astra Militarum)Until Justice is Done (Astra Militarum)Revered Heavy Flamer (Astra Militarum)Improbable Runt Machine (Orks)Eldritch Council (Neutral)Imperial Blockade (Neutral)Vostroyan Officer (Astra Militarum)Scion Strike Force (Astra Militarum)No Surprises (Astra Militarum)Blitza-Bommer (Orks)Kommando Sneakaz (Orks)Sathariel the Invokator (Chaos)Clearcut Refuge (Astra Militarum)Gorgul Da Slaya (Orks)Great Iron Gob (Orks)Infectious Nurgling (Chaos)Seekers of Slaanesh (Chaos)Mark of Slaanesh (Chaos)Squiggoth Brute (Orks)Brutal Cunning (Orks)Disciple of Excess (Chaos)Blood Rain Tempest (Chaos)Enginseer Mechanic (Astra Militarum)Hot-Shot Laspistol (Astra Militarum)Blood Axe Strategist (Orks)'idden Base (Orks)Ominous Wind (Chaos)Catachan Tracker (Astra Militarum)Death Serves the Emperor (Astra Militarum)Sootblade Assashun (Orks)Repulsor Minefield (Orks)Sickening Helbrute (Chaos)Purveyor of Hubris (Chaos)Cloud of Flies (Chaos)Follower of Gork (Orks)Fungal Turf (Orks)Freebooter Kaptain (Neutral)Backlash (Neutral)Defense Battery (Neutral)STC Fragment (Neutral)Standard Bearer (Astra Militarum)Goff Brawlers (Orks)Venomous Fiend (Chaos)Catachan Devils Patrol (Astra Militarum)Siege Regiment Manticore (Astra Militarum)Runts to the Front (Orks)Everlasting Rage (Chaos)Raging Daemonhost (Chaos)Calibration Error (Neutral)Junk Chucka Kommando (Orks)Painboy Surjery (Orks)Neurotic Obliterator (Chaos)Counterblow (Neutral)Hydra Flak Tank (Astra Militarum)Improvised Minefield (Chaos)Sneaky Lootin' (Orks)Patient Infiltrator (Orks)Kwik' Konstruckshun (Orks)Scrying Pool (Chaos)The Duke of Debris (Neutral)Armored Fist Squad (Astra Militarum)Kamouflage Expert (Orks)Truck Wreck Launcha (Orks)Rickety Warbuggy (Orks)Lucky Warpaint (Orks)Ravening Psycopath (Chaos)Sowing Chaos (Chaos)Sacaellum Shrine Guard (Astra Militarum)Front Line 'Ard Boyz (Orks)Ramshackle Trukk (Orks)Rok Bombardment (Orks)Death Korps Engineers (Astra Militarum)Inspirational Fervor (Astra Militarum)Seer of Deceit (Chaos)Khornate Chain Axe (Chaos)Taurox APC (Astra Militarum)M35 Galaxy Lasgun (Astra Militarum)Skrap Nabba (Orks)Outflank'em (Orks)Smasha Gun Battery (Orks)Master Warpsmith (Chaos)Corrupted Teleportarium (Chaos)Salvaged Battlewagon (Orks)Huge Chain-Choppa (Orks)Killing Field (Chaos)Staff of Change (Chaos)Leman Russ Conqueror (Astra Militarum)Imperial Rally Point (Astra Militarum)Corpulent Ork (Orks)Painboy Tent (Orks)Holy Fusillade (Astra Militarum)Boss Zugnog (Orks)Ork Landa (Orks)Ecstatic Seizures (Chaos)Muster the Guard (Astra Militarum)Noble Deed (Astra Militarum)Deathskull Lootas (Orks)Smash 'n Bash (Orks)Death Guard Infantry (Chaos)Calamity (Neutral)Iron Guard Recruits (Astra Militarum)Dozer Blade (Astra Militarum)Attack Squig Herd (Orks)Dakka Dakka Dakka! (Orks)Kustom Field Generator (Orks)Mystic Warden (Astra Militarum)Mekaniak Repair Krew (Orks)Goff Big Choppa (Orks)Ammo Depot (Orks)Rotten Plaguebearers (Chaos)Nurgling Bomb (Chaos)Zogwort's Runtherders (Orks)Zogwort's Hovel (Orks)Wyrdboy Stikk (Orks)Launch da Shots (Orks)Steel Legion Chimera (Astra Militarum)Tallarn Raiders (Astra Militarum)Staging Ground (Astra Militarum)Doombolt (Chaos)Blight Grenades (Chaos)Snakebite Thug (Orks)Evil Sunz Warbiker (Orks)Mork's Great Heap (Orks)Noise Marine Zealots (Chaos)Turbulent Rift (Chaos)Cacophonic Choir (Chaos)Big Shoota Battlewagon (Orks)Made Ta Fight (Orks)Squiggify (Orks)Ancient Keeper of Secrets (Chaos)Shrieking Basilisk (Astra Militarum)Inquisitor Caius Wroth (Neutral)
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