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Wolf Guard Veteran (Space Marines)Fiery Heart Immolator (Astra Militarum)Salamander Scout (Astra Militarum)Vile Creation (Dark Eldar)Unwilling Slave (Dark Eldar)Swooping Hawk Autarch (Eldar)Pathfinder Cadre (Tau)Harbinger of the Storm (Necrons)Living Metal (Necrons)Raid the Grave (Necrons)Revitalize (Necrons)Command Predator (Space Marines)Advocator of Blood (Chaos)Expendable Pawn (Chaos)Morkanaut Rekuperator (Orks)Triarch Stalkers Procession (Necrons)Slave-powered Wagons (Orks)Frontline Counsellor (Tau)Scavenging Kroot Rider (Tau)Endless Legions (Necrons)Raving Cryptek (Necrons)Impuslive Loota (Orks)First Dawn (Neutral)Avenging Squad (Space Marines)Storming Librarian (Space Marines)Sanctified Aggressor (Space Marines)Prognosticator (Space Marines)Fierce Purgator (Space Marines)Interceptor Squad (Space Marines)Traumatophobia (Necrons)Last Dawn (Neutral)Kroot Hunter (Tau)Shrieking Exarch (Eldar)10th Company Scout (Space Marines)Tactical Squad Cardinis (Space Marines)Blood Angels Veterans (Space Marines)Daring Assault Squad (Space Marines)Land Raider (Space Marines)Eager Recruit (Space Marines)Iron Hands Techmarine (Space Marines)Raven Guard Speeder (Space Marines)Ratling Deadeye (Astra Militarum)Sanctioned Psyker (Astra Militarum)Mordian Hellhound (Astra Militarum)Assault Valkyrie (Astra Militarum)Stalwart Ogryn (Astra Militarum)Penal Legionnaire (Astra Militarum)Infantry Conscripts (Astra Militarum)Elysian Assault Team (Astra Militarum)Sniveling Grot (Orks)Tankbusta Bommaz (Orks)Bad Dok (Orks)Rokkitboy (Orks)Goff Boyz (Orks)Shoota Mob (Orks)Burna Boyz (Orks)Possessed (Chaos)Splintered Path Acolyte (Chaos)Khorne Berzerker (Chaos)Umbral Preacher (Chaos)Ravenous Flesh Hounds (Chaos)Virulent Plague Squad (Chaos)Chaos Fanatics (Chaos)Soul Grinder (Chaos)Sybarite Marksman (Dark Eldar)Incubus Warrior (Dark Eldar)Haemonculus Tormentor (Dark Eldar)Hellion Gang (Dark Eldar)Beasthunter Wyches (Dark Eldar)Baleful Mandrake (Dark Eldar)Vile Raider (Dark Eldar)Coliseum Fighters (Dark Eldar)Kabalite Strike Force (Dark Eldar)Altansar Rangers (Eldar)Eldar Survivalist (Eldar)Wildrider Squadron (Eldar)Soaring Falcon (Eldar)Shrouded Harlequin (Eldar)Silvered Blade Avengers (Eldar)Biel-Tan Warp Spiders (Eldar)Vior'la Marksman (Tau)Carnivore Pack (Tau)Vash'ya Trailblazer (Tau)Fire Warrior Elite (Tau)Fire Warrior Strike Team (Tau)Earth Caste Technician (Tau)Stingwing Swarm (Tau)Experimental Devilfish (Tau)No Mercy (Neutral)Void Pirate (Neutral)Rogue Trader (Neutral)Fall Back! (Neutral)Promethium Mine (Neutral)Promotion (Neutral)Veteran Crusader (Space Marines)War Father Nathaniel (Space Marines)War Father's Shadows (Space Marines)Herald of the WAAAGH! (Orks)Tenacious Novice Squad (Astra Militarum)Sacred Rose Immolator (Astra Militarum)Fanatical Sister Repentia (Astra Militarum)Heavy Flamer Retributor (Astra Militarum)Exalted Celestians (Astra Militarum)Eloquent Confessor (Astra Militarum)Zealous Cantus (Astra Militarum)Vengeful Seraphim (Astra Militarum)Pattern IX Immolator (Astra Militarum)Flayed Ones Revenants (Necrons)Eldritch Council (Neutral)Imperial Blockade (Neutral)8th Company Assault Squad (Space Marines)Vostroyan Officer (Astra Militarum)Scion Strike Force (Astra Militarum)Kommando Sneakaz (Orks)Sathariel the Invokator (Chaos)Supplicant of Pain (Dark Eldar)Seer Adept (Eldar)Furious Wraithblade (Eldar)Kroot Guerrilla (Tau)XV8-05 Enforcer (Tau)Immortal Loyalist (Necrons)Shroud Cruiser (Necrons)Infectious Nurgling (Chaos)Seekers of Slaanesh (Chaos)Mandrake Cutthroat (Dark Eldar)Adherent Outcast (Eldar)Grav Inhibitor Drone (Tau)Hunting Acanthrites (Necrons)Defensive Protocols (Necrons)Salamander Flamer Squad (Space Marines)Techmarine Aspirant (Space Marines)Squiggoth Brute (Orks)Disciple of Excess (Chaos)Corrupted Clawed Fiend (Dark Eldar)War Walker Squadron (Eldar)Rumbling Tomb Stalker (Necrons)Deathwing Terminators (Space Marines)Enginseer Mechanic (Astra Militarum)Blood Axe Strategist (Orks)Masked Hunter (Dark Eldar)Shrieking Exarch (Eldar)Herald of the Tau'va (Tau)Dark Angels Vindicator (Space Marines)Catachan Tracker (Astra Militarum)Sootblade Assashun (Orks)Sickening Helbrute (Chaos)Purveyor of Hubris (Chaos)XV25 Stealth Squad (Tau)Risen Warriors (Necrons)Quantum Shielding (Necrons)Iron Hands Centurion (Space Marines)Follower of Gork (Orks)Beastmater Harvester (Dark Eldar)Hydrae Stalker (Dark Eldar)Scorpion Striker (Eldar)Dread Command Barge (Necrons)Shard of the Deceiver (Necrons)Destroyer Cultist (Necrons)Obedience (Necrons)Hate (Necrons)The Staff of Command (Necrons)Canoptek Scarab Swarm (Necrons)Warriors of Gidrim (Necrons)Flayed Ones Pack (Necrons)Immortal Vanguard (Necrons)Patrolling Wraith (Necrons)Decaying Warrior Squad (Necrons)Deathmark Assassins (Necrons)Mandragoran Immortals (Necrons)Tomb Blade Squadron (Necrons)Reanimating Warriors (Necrons)Canoptek Spyder (Necrons)Immortal Legion (Necrons)Praetorian Ancient (Necrons)Harbinger of Eternity (Necrons)Lychguard Sentinel (Necrons)Doom Scythe Invader (Necrons)Doomsday Ark (Necrons)Dread Monolith (Necrons)Reanimation Protocol (Necrons)Recycle (Necrons)Mechanical Enhancement (Necrons)Drudgery (Necrons)Extermination (Necrons)Gauss Flayer (Necrons)Royal Phylactery (Necrons)Hyperphase Sword (Necrons)Resurrection Orb (Necrons)Mind Shackle Scarab (Necrons)Timeworn Stasis-Crypt (Necrons)Weight of the Aeons (Necrons)Eternity Gate (Necrons)Sautekh Complex (Necrons)Master Program (Necrons)Particle Whip (Necrons)Freebooter Kaptain (Neutral)Backlash (Neutral)Defense Battery (Neutral)STC Fragment (Neutral)Ravenwing Escort (Space Marines)Standard Bearer (Astra Militarum)Goff Brawlers (Orks)Venomous Fiend (Chaos)Treacherous Lhamean (Dark Eldar)Nightshade Interceptor (Eldar)Air Caste Courier (Tau)Pinning Razorback (Space Marines)Catachan Devils Patrol (Astra Militarum)Siege Regiment Manticore (Astra Militarum)Noble Shining Spears (Eldar)Raging Daemonhost (Chaos)Replicating Scarabs (Necrons)Ghost Ark of Orikan (Necrons)Calibration Error (Neutral)Steadfast Sword Brethren (Space Marines)Junk Chucka Kommando (Orks)Neurotic Obliterator (Chaos)Kroot Hounds (Tau)Dark Lance Raider (Dark Eldar)Optimized Protocol (Necrons)Counterblow (Neutral)Deathwing Interceders (Space Marines)Hydra Flak Tank (Astra Militarum)Patient Infiltrator (Orks)Mindless Pain Addict (Dark Eldar)Necrodermis (Necrons)Tomb Blade Diversionist (Necrons)Thunderwolf Cavalry (Space Marines)Gue'vesa Overseer (Tau)Parasitic Scarabs (Necrons)The Duke of Debris (Neutral)Armored Fist Squad (Astra Militarum)Kamouflage Expert (Orks)Trap Laying Hunter (Tau)World Engine Beam (Necrons)Dynastic Weaponry (Necrons)Righteous Initiate (Space Marines)Ravening Psycopath (Chaos)Stalking Ur-Ghul (Dark Eldar)Prophetic Farseer (Eldar)Wraithguard Revenant (Eldar)Neophyte Apprentice (Space Marines)Sacaellum Shrine Guard (Astra Militarum)Front Line 'Ard Boyz (Orks)Prudent Fire Warriors (Tau)Imperial Fists Devastators (Space Marines)Death Korps Engineers (Astra Militarum)Seer of Deceit (Chaos)Prototype Crisis Suit (Tau)Taurox APC (Astra Militarum)Skrap Nabba (Orks)Master Warpsmith (Chaos)Kabalite Harriers (Dark Eldar)Wildrider Vyper (Eldar)Salvaged Battlewagon (Orks)Shadowed Thorns Venom (Dark Eldar)Saim-Hann Kinsman (Eldar)Sae'lum Pioneer (Tau)Reliquary Techmarine (Space Marines)Leman Russ Conqueror (Astra Militarum)Corpulent Ork (Orks)Flayed Skull Slaver (Dark Eldar)Kroot Hunter (Tau)Deathskull Lootas (Orks)Death Guard Infantry (Chaos)Uber Grotesque (Dark Eldar)Vaulting Harlequin (Eldar)Piranha Hunter (Tau)Calamity (Neutral)Iron Guard Recruits (Astra Militarum)Attack Squig Herd (Orks)Black Guardians (Eldar)Bork'an Recruits (Tau)White Scars Bikers (Space Marines)Mystic Warden (Astra Militarum)Rotten Plaguebearers (Chaos)Sslyth Mercenary (Dark Eldar)Warlock Destructor (Eldar)Eldritch Corsair (Eldar)Blood Claw Pack (Space Marines)Steel Legion Chimera (Astra Militarum)Tallarn Raiders (Astra Militarum)Bloodied Reavers (Dark Eldar)Firedrake Terminators (Space Marines)Imperial Fists Siege Force (Space Marines)Snakebite Thug (Orks)Evil Sunz Warbiker (Orks)Noise Marine Zealots (Chaos)Kabalite Halfborn (Dark Eldar)Mighty Wraithknight (Eldar)Fire Warrior Grenadiers (Tau)Space Wolves Predator (Space Marines)Big Shoota Battlewagon (Orks)Ancient Keeper of Secrets (Chaos)Shrieking Basilisk (Astra Militarum)Vior'la Warrior Cadre (Tau)Inquisitor Caius Wroth (Neutral)
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