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Rammin' Speed (Orks)Juggernaut Of Khorne (Chaos)Bloodfeeder (Chaos)Cower Before Me! (Chaos)Vile Creation (Dark Eldar)Unwilling Slave (Dark Eldar)Advocator of Blood (Chaos)Ireful Vanguard (Chaos)Expendable Pawn (Chaos)Morkanaut Rekuperator (Orks)Drammask Nane (Chaos)The Blood Pits (Chaos)The Orgiastic Feast (Chaos)The Grand Plan (Chaos)The Inevitable Decay (Chaos)Talisman of Denial (Chaos)Sacrificial Altar (Chaos)Galvax the Bloated (Chaos)Tides of Chaos (Chaos)Uncontrollable Rioters (Chaos)Slave-powered Wagons (Orks)Impuslive Loota (Orks)First Dawn (Neutral)Conjuring Warmaster (Chaos)Dark Allegiance (Chaos)Unstoppable Tide (Chaos)Myriad Excesses (Chaos)Last Dawn (Neutral)Sniveling Grot (Orks)Tankbusta Bommaz (Orks)Bad Dok (Orks)Rokkitboy (Orks)Goff Boyz (Orks)Shoota Mob (Orks)Burna Boyz (Orks)Snotling Attack (Orks)Squig Bombin' (Orks)Rokkit Launcha (Orks)Ork Kannon (Orks)Bigtoof Banna (Orks)Tellyporta Pad (Orks)Alpha Legion Infiltrator (Chaos)Possessed (Chaos)Splintered Path Acolyte (Chaos)Khorne Berzerker (Chaos)Vicious Bloodletter (Chaos)Umbral Preacher (Chaos)Black Legion Heldrake (Chaos)Ravenous Flesh Hounds (Chaos)Virulent Plague Squad (Chaos)Chaos Fanatics (Chaos)Soul Grinder (Chaos)Xavaes Split-Tongue (Chaos)Warpstorm (Chaos)Tzeentch's Firestorm (Chaos)Promise of Glory (Chaos)Rune-Encrusted Armor (Chaos)Dire Mutation (Chaos)Fortress of Madness (Chaos)Murder Cogitator (Chaos)Sybarite Marksman (Dark Eldar)Incubus Warrior (Dark Eldar)Haemonculus Tormentor (Dark Eldar)Hellion Gang (Dark Eldar)Beasthunter Wyches (Dark Eldar)Baleful Mandrake (Dark Eldar)Vile Raider (Dark Eldar)Coliseum Fighters (Dark Eldar)Kabalite Strike Force (Dark Eldar)Power from Pain (Dark Eldar)Archon's Terror (Dark Eldar)Hypex Injector (Dark Eldar)Altar of Torment (Dark Eldar)No Mercy (Neutral)Void Pirate (Neutral)Rogue Trader (Neutral)Fall Back! (Neutral)Promethium Mine (Neutral)Promotion (Neutral)Herald of the WAAAGH! (Orks)Charging Juggernaut (Chaos)Eldritch Council (Neutral)Imperial Blockade (Neutral)Kommando Sneakaz (Orks)Sathariel the Invokator (Chaos)The Prince's Might (Chaos)Supplicant of Pain (Dark Eldar)Hunting Grounds (Dark Eldar)Infectious Nurgling (Chaos)Seekers of Slaanesh (Chaos)Mark of Slaanesh (Chaos)Mandrake Cutthroat (Dark Eldar)Squiggoth Brute (Orks)Brutal Cunning (Orks)Disciple of Excess (Chaos)Blood Rain Tempest (Chaos)Corrupted Clawed Fiend (Dark Eldar)Electrocorrosive Whip (Dark Eldar)Blood Axe Strategist (Orks)'idden Base (Orks)Noise Marines Warband (Chaos)Ominous Wind (Chaos)Masked Hunter (Dark Eldar)Run Down (Dark Eldar)Sootblade Assashun (Orks)Repulsor Minefield (Orks)Sickening Helbrute (Chaos)Purveyor of Hubris (Chaos)Cloud of Flies (Chaos)Abomination Workshop (Dark Eldar)Follower of Gork (Orks)Beastmater Harvester (Dark Eldar)Hydrae Stalker (Dark Eldar)Freebooter Kaptain (Neutral)Backlash (Neutral)Defense Battery (Neutral)STC Fragment (Neutral)Goff Brawlers (Orks)Venomous Fiend (Chaos)Treacherous Lhamean (Dark Eldar)Runts to the Front (Orks)Everlasting Rage (Chaos)Raging Daemonhost (Chaos)Catatonic Pain (Dark Eldar)Calibration Error (Neutral)Junk Chucka Kommando (Orks)Champion of Khorne (Chaos)Neurotic Obliterator (Chaos)Dark Lance Raider (Dark Eldar)Counterblow (Neutral)Improvised Minefield (Chaos)Sneaky Lootin' (Orks)Patient Infiltrator (Orks)Mindless Pain Addict (Dark Eldar)Supply Line Incursion (Dark Eldar)Kwik' Konstruckshun (Orks)Cajivak the Hateful (Chaos)Scrying Pool (Chaos)The Duke of Debris (Neutral)Kamouflage Expert (Orks)Truck Wreck Launcha (Orks)Medallion of Betrayal (Chaos)Sivarla Soulbinder (Chaos)Cult of Khorne (Chaos)Lucky Warpaint (Orks)Ravening Psycopath (Chaos)Sowing Chaos (Chaos)Stalking Ur-Ghul (Dark Eldar)Front Line 'Ard Boyz (Orks)Prodigal Sons Disciple (Chaos)Seer of Deceit (Chaos)Khornate Chain Axe (Chaos)Shadowed Thorns Bodysuit (Dark Eldar)Skrap Nabba (Orks)Outflank'em (Orks)Smasha Gun Battery (Orks)Master Warpsmith (Chaos)Corrupted Teleportarium (Chaos)Kabalite Harriers (Dark Eldar)Gut and Pillage (Dark Eldar)Salvaged Battlewagon (Orks)Huge Chain-Choppa (Orks)Berzerker Warriors (Chaos)Killing Field (Chaos)Staff of Change (Chaos)Shadowed Thorns Venom (Dark Eldar)Rapid Assault (Dark Eldar)Corpulent Ork (Orks)Frenzied Bloodthirster (Chaos)Warp Rift (Chaos)Flayed Skull Slaver (Dark Eldar)Raiding Portal (Dark Eldar)Ork Landa (Orks)Roghrax Bloodhand (Chaos)Ecstatic Seizures (Chaos)Dark Possession (Dark Eldar)Deathskull Lootas (Orks)Smash 'n Bash (Orks)Death Guard Infantry (Chaos)Heretek Inventor (Chaos)Uber Grotesque (Dark Eldar)Visions of Agony (Dark Eldar)Calamity (Neutral)Attack Squig Herd (Orks)Kustom Field Generator (Orks)Bladed Lotus Rifle (Dark Eldar)Soul Seizure (Dark Eldar)Goff Big Choppa (Orks)Ammo Depot (Orks)Rotten Plaguebearers (Chaos)Nurgling Bomb (Chaos)Throne of Vainglory (Chaos)Sslyth Mercenary (Dark Eldar)Despise (Dark Eldar)Gleeful Plague Beast (Chaos)Doombolt (Chaos)Blight Grenades (Chaos)Bloodied Reavers (Dark Eldar)Crucible of Malediction (Dark Eldar)Snakebite Thug (Orks)Evil Sunz Warbiker (Orks)Noise Marine Zealots (Chaos)Turbulent Rift (Chaos)Cacophonic Choir (Chaos)Kabalite Halfborn (Dark Eldar)Slake the Thirst (Dark Eldar)Big Shoota Battlewagon (Orks)Made Ta Fight (Orks)Ancient Keeper of Secrets (Chaos)Slaanesh's Temptation (Chaos)Doom Siren (Chaos)Inquisitor Caius Wroth (Neutral)
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