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Wolf Guard Veteran (Space Marines)Terminator Armor (Space Marines)Swooping Hawk Autarch (Eldar)Shield Drone (Tau)Pathfinder Cadre (Tau)Gue'vesa Reinforcements (Tau)Command Predator (Space Marines)Commander Bravestorm (Tau)Close Quarters Doctrine (Eldar)Frontline Counsellor (Tau)Scavenging Kroot Rider (Tau)Data Analyzer (Tau)Fusion Cascade Defiance (Tau)Escort Drone (Tau)Breach and Clear (Tau)Positional Relay (Tau)First Dawn (Neutral)Avenging Squad (Space Marines)Storming Librarian (Space Marines)Sanctified Aggressor (Space Marines)Prognosticator (Space Marines)Fierce Purgator (Space Marines)Interceptor Squad (Space Marines)The Emperor's Retribution (Space Marines)Uphold His Honor (Space Marines)Children of the Stars (Eldar)Bork'an Sept (Tau)Vior'la Sept (Tau)Dal'yth Sept (Tau)Last Dawn (Neutral)Kroot Hunter (Tau)Shrieking Exarch (Eldar)10th Company Scout (Space Marines)Tactical Squad Cardinis (Space Marines)Blood Angels Veterans (Space Marines)Daring Assault Squad (Space Marines)Land Raider (Space Marines)Eager Recruit (Space Marines)Iron Hands Techmarine (Space Marines)Raven Guard Speeder (Space Marines)Indomitable (Space Marines)Exterminatus (Space Marines)Godwyn Pattern Bolter (Space Marines)Fortress-Monastery (Space Marines)Holy Sepulchre (Space Marines)Altansar Rangers (Eldar)Eldar Survivalist (Eldar)Wildrider Squadron (Eldar)Soaring Falcon (Eldar)Shrouded Harlequin (Eldar)Silvered Blade Avengers (Eldar)Biel-Tan Warp Spiders (Eldar)Superiority (Eldar)Nullify (Eldar)Doom (Eldar)Banshee Power Sword (Eldar)Corsair Trading Post (Eldar)Shadowsun's Stealth Cadre (Tau)Communications Relay (Tau)Squadron Redeployment (Tau)Command-Link Drone (Tau)Recon Drone (Tau)Vior'la Marksman (Tau)Carnivore Pack (Tau)Vash'ya Trailblazer (Tau)Fire Warrior Elite (Tau)Fire Warrior Strike Team (Tau)Crisis Battle Guard (Tau)Earth Caste Technician (Tau)Gun Drones (Tau)Stingwing Swarm (Tau)Fireblade Kais'vre (Tau)Experimental Devilfish (Tau)Even the Odds (Tau)Calculated Strike (Tau)Deception (Tau)Repulsor Impact Field (Tau)Ion Rifle (Tau)Frontline Launch Bay (Tau)Ambush Platform (Tau)No Mercy (Neutral)Void Pirate (Neutral)Rogue Trader (Neutral)Fall Back! (Neutral)Promethium Mine (Neutral)Promotion (Neutral)Veteran Crusader (Space Marines)War Father Nathaniel (Space Marines)War Father's Shadows (Space Marines)Shas'el Lyst (Tau)Eldritch Council (Neutral)Imperial Blockade (Neutral)8th Company Assault Squad (Space Marines)Seer Adept (Eldar)Furious Wraithblade (Eldar)Hidden Strike Chainsword (Eldar)Kroot Guerrilla (Tau)XV8-05 Enforcer (Tau)Adherent Outcast (Eldar)Concealing Darkness (Eldar)Grav Inhibitor Drone (Tau)Missile Pod (Tau)Salamander Flamer Squad (Space Marines)Techmarine Aspirant (Space Marines)Deathstorm Drop Pod (Space Marines)War Walker Squadron (Eldar)Sniper Drone Team (Tau)Tactical Withdrawal (Tau)Deathwing Terminators (Space Marines)Repent! (Space Marines)Shrieking Exarch (Eldar)Ulthwe Spirit Stone (Eldar)Herald of the Tau'va (Tau)Beleaguered Garrison (Tau)Dark Angels Vindicator (Space Marines)Imperial Power Fist (Space Marines)XV25 Stealth Squad (Tau)Kroot Hunting Rifle (Tau)Iron Hands Centurion (Space Marines)Standard of Devastation (Space Marines)Scorpion Striker (Eldar)Piercing Wail (Eldar)Raging Krootox (Tau)Hunter's Ploy (Tau)Freebooter Kaptain (Neutral)Backlash (Neutral)Defense Battery (Neutral)STC Fragment (Neutral)Ravenwing Escort (Space Marines)Nightshade Interceptor (Eldar)Air Caste Courier (Tau)Trapped Objective (Space Marines)Pinning Razorback (Space Marines)Noble Shining Spears (Eldar)Clash of Wings (Eldar)Calibration Error (Neutral)Steadfast Sword Brethren (Space Marines)Arrangement at Elova IV (Tau)Kroot Hounds (Tau)Counterblow (Neutral)Deathwing Interceders (Space Marines)Smuggler's Den (Tau)Consumed by the Kindred (Tau)Woken Machine Spirit (Space Marines)Thunderwolf Cavalry (Space Marines)Gue'vesa Overseer (Tau)Rampaging Knarloc (Tau)The Duke of Debris (Neutral)Call the Storm (Space Marines)Vamii Industrial Complex (Space Marines)Flickering Holosuit (Eldar)Guerrilla Tactics (Tau)Trap Laying Hunter (Tau)Righteous Initiate (Space Marines)Accept Any Challenge (Space Marines)Prophetic Farseer (Eldar)Wraithguard Revenant (Eldar)Neophyte Apprentice (Space Marines)Mind War (Eldar)Prudent Fire Warriors (Tau)Exploratory Drone (Tau)Auxiliary Armor (Tau)Imperial Fists Devastators (Space Marines)Teleportarium (Space Marines)Prototype Crisis Suit (Tau)Mont'ka Strike (Tau)Sae'lum Enclave (Tau)Declare the Crusade (Space Marines)Cenobyte Servitor (Space Marines)Wildrider Vyper (Eldar)Bonesinger Choir (Eldar)Auxiliary Overseer (Tau)Drone Defense System (Tau)Saim-Hann Kinsman (Eldar)Eldritch Storm (Eldar)Shuriken Catapult (Eldar)Sae'lum Pioneer (Tau)Colony Shield Generator (Tau)Reliquary Techmarine (Space Marines)Kroot Hunter (Tau)War of Ideas (Tau)Vengeance! (Space Marines)Subdual (Eldar)Pathfinder Shi Or'es (Tau)Repair Bay (Tau)Vaulting Harlequin (Eldar)Starcannon (Eldar)Piranha Hunter (Tau)Aun'ui Prelate (Tau)Homing Beacon (Tau)Calamity (Neutral)Fenrisian Wolf (Space Marines)Black Guardians (Eldar)Death from Above (Eldar)Bork'an Recruits (Tau)Kauyon Strike (Tau)Blacksun Filter (Tau)White Scars Bikers (Space Marines)Know No Fear (Space Marines)Crushing Blow (Space Marines)Warlock Destructor (Eldar)Eldritch Corsair (Eldar)Foretell (Eldar)Blood Claw Pack (Space Marines)Rally the Charge (Space Marines)Guardian Mesh Armor (Eldar)Sa'cea XV88 Broadside (Tau)Tense Negotiations (Tau)Heavy Marker Drone (Tau)Firedrake Terminators (Space Marines)Imperial Fists Siege Force (Space Marines)Mighty Wraithknight (Eldar)Seer's Exodus (Eldar)Slumbering Gardens (Eldar)Fire Warrior Grenadiers (Tau)Ksi'm'yen Orbital City (Tau)Space Wolves Predator (Space Marines)Hallow Librarium (Space Marines)Vior'la Warrior Cadre (Tau)For the Tau'va (Tau)Inquisitor Caius Wroth (Neutral)
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