Formatting Codes
Below are the formatting codes to use within certain sections of traxissector (wherever this help link is presented) in order to format your text. Note that in almost all cases the formatting code consists of one opening tag and one closing tag and both are required.
Bold Type
Bold Heading
[h1]Heading in Bold[h1]
More text here
More text here
Standard Heading
More text here
More text here
Clan Colors
[sm]Space Marines color[sm]
[am]Astra Militarum color[am]
[ork]Orks color[ork]
[chaos]Chaos color[chaos]
[de]Dark Eldar color[de]
[eld]Eldar color[eld]
[tau]Tau color[tau]
[nec]Necrons color[nec]
[tyr]Tyranids color[tyr]
[neu]Neutral color[neu]
Space Marines color
Astra Militarum color
Orks color
Chaos color
Dark Eldar color
Eldar color
Tau color
Necrons color
Tyranids color
Neutral color
Bulleted Sections
Some text here
[*]Bulleted Section[*]
[*]Bulleted Section
[**]Sub-Bulleted Section[**]
More text here
Some text here
Bulleted Section
Bulleted Section
Sub-Bulleted Section
More text here
Bulleted Lists
Some text here
[l]Bulleted List[l]
[l]Bulleted List
[ll]Sub-Bulleted List[ll]
More text here
Some text here
Bulleted List
Bulleted List
Sub-Bulleted List
More text here
Card Info based on Card Name
[Mars Alpha Exterminator]
Card Info based on Card Code
Pulling it all Together
[i][am][Mars Alpha Exterminator][am][i]