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by Rocky Chompy  ●  4 months ago
Talyesin Fharenal  ●  50 cards  ●   (8)  ●  Midrange  ●  Combat Efficiency
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person  3  Biel-Tan Guardians
person  2  Sslyth Mercenary
person  1  The Duke of Debris
person  2  Void Pirate
person  3  Evanescent Players
person  3  Incubus Warrior
person  3  Phantasmatic Masque
person  2  Talysin's Spiders
person  3  Warlock Destructor
person  2  Spiritseer Erathal
person  2  Talysin's Warlocks
attach_file  2  Promotion
attach_file  3  Warhost Helmet
attach_file  1  Autarch Powersword
attach_file  2  Saim-Hann Jetbike
attach_file  1  Shuriken Catapult
flash_on  2  Nullify
flash_on  2  Path of the Leader
flash_on  1  Lost in the Webway
flash_on  3  Archon's Terror
flash_on  3  Gift of Isha
flash_on  1  Doom
filter_hdr  2  Eldritch Council
filter_hdr  1  Wisdom of the Serpent

by Rocky Chompy  ●  5 months ago
Baharroth  ●  50 cards  ●   (5)
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person  3  Biel-Tan Guardians
person  1  Sybarite Marksman
person  2  Phantasmatic Masque
person  2  Warlock Destructor
person  4  Baharroth's Hawks
person  3  Noble Shining Spears
person  2  Scorpion Striker
person  3  Wildrider Vyper
attach_file  1  The Shining Blade
attach_file  1  Saim-Hann Jetbike
attach_file  2  Shuriken Catapult
flash_on  2  Cry of the Wind
flash_on  2  Gut and Pillage
flash_on  3  Nullify
flash_on  3  Clash of Wings
flash_on  3  Death from Above
flash_on  2  Archon's Terror
flash_on  3  Gift of Isha
flash_on  1  Doom
filter_hdr  2  Eldritch Council
filter_hdr  1  Banner of the Ashen Sky
filter_hdr  2  Wraithbone Armour
filter_hdr  2  Deathly Web Shrine

by Rocky Chompy  ●  8 months ago
"Subject: Ω-X62113"  ●  50 cards  ●  No Ally
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person  3  Emergent Cultists
person  2  Genestealer Harvesters
person  3  Scything Hormagaunts
person  3  Toxic Venomthrope
person  2  Vale Tenndrac
person  4  Invasive Genestealers
person  3  Goliath Rockgrinder
person  2  Tunneling Mawloc
attach_file  3  Rain of Mycetic Spores
attach_file  2  Ymgarl Factor
attach_file  1  Lethal Toxin Sacs
flash_on  2  No Mercy
flash_on  2  Backlash
flash_on  2  Gene Implantation
flash_on  3  Dark Cunning
flash_on  2  Overrun
flash_on  2  Spore Burst
filter_hdr  2  Digestion Pool
filter_hdr  1  Ruined Passages

by Rocky Chompy  ●  8 months ago
Broderick Worr  ●  50 cards  ●   (3)  ●  Swarm  ●  Combat Efficiency  ●  Aggression
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person  2  Ratling Deadeye
person  3  Sacaellum Shrine Guard
person  3  Tenacious Novice Squad
person  1  The Duke of Debris
person  2  Undying Saint
person  2  Elysian Assault Team
person  2  Captain Markis
person  2  Steel Legion Chimera
person  2  Griffon Escort
attach_file  2  Promotion
attach_file  1  Commissarial Bolt Pistol
flash_on  3  Our Last Stand
flash_on  2  Summary Execution
flash_on  1  Inspirational Fervor
flash_on  3  Preemptive Barrage
flash_on  1  Wrathful Retribution
filter_hdr  2  Eldritch Council
filter_hdr  3  Troop Transport
filter_hdr  3  Ammo Depot
filter_hdr  1  Staging Ground
filter_hdr  2  Catachan Outpost
filter_hdr  1  Forward Barracks
filter_hdr  2  Inquisitorial Fortress

by Rocky Chompy  ●  8 months ago
Anrakyr the Traveller  ●  50 cards  ●  No Ally
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person  3  Canoptek Scarab Swarm
person  3  Rogue Trader
person  2  Decaying Warrior Squad
person  3  Parasitic Scarabs
person  5  Pyrrhian Eternals
person  2  Raving Cryptek
person  2  Flayed Ones Revenants
person  2  Harbinger of Eternity
attach_file  2  Dynastic Weaponry
attach_file  2  Promotion
attach_file  1  Pyrrhian Warscythe
attach_file  2  Traumatophobia
attach_file  1  Mind Shackle Scarab
flash_on  1  Awake the Sleepers
flash_on  3  Optimized Protocol
flash_on  3  Recycle
flash_on  3  Mechanical Enhancement
filter_hdr  2  Endless Legions
filter_hdr  1  Eternity Gate
filter_hdr  1  Slumbering Tomb
filter_hdr  2  Timeworn Stasis-Crypt
filter_hdr  1  Master Program

by Rocky Chompy  ●  9 months ago
Packmaster Kith  ●  50 cards  ●   (10)  ●  Midrange  ●  Combat Efficiency
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person  3  Sslyth Mercenary
person  3  Void Pirate
person  3  Kabalite Blackguard
person  4  Kith's Khymeramasters
person  3  Dark Lance Raider
person  2  Syren Zythlex
person  3  Klaivex Warleader
person  2  Purveyor of Hubris
person  3  Venomous Fiend
person  2  Soul Grinder
attach_file  3  Promotion
attach_file  1  Agonizer of Bren
attach_file  3  The Shadow Suit
flash_on  2  Gut and Pillage
flash_on  3  Promise of Glory
flash_on  3  Raid
flash_on  3  Archon's Terror
flash_on  2  Pact of the Haemonculi
flash_on  1  Visions of Agony
filter_hdr  1  Khymera Den

by Rocky Chompy  ●  > 1 year ago
Imotekh the Stormlord  ●  50 cards  ●   (3)   (5)  ●  Midrange  ●  Aggression  ●  Combos
2 thumb_up    mode_comment    call_split    schedule    video_library
person  1  Decaying Warrior Squad
person  3  Flayed Ones Pack
person  2  Baleful Mandrake
person  4  Court of the Stormlord
person  3  Dark Lance Raider
person  2  Raving Cryptek
person  3  Standard Bearer
person  3  Flayed Ones Revenants
person  1  Harbinger of Eternity
attach_file  1  Supreme Strategist
flash_on  2  Necrodermis
flash_on  3  Optimized Protocol
flash_on  3  Recycle
flash_on  3  Drudgery
flash_on  2  The Strength of the Enemy
filter_hdr  2  Eldritch Council
filter_hdr  3  Endless Legions
filter_hdr  2  Promethium Mine
filter_hdr  1  Sautekh Royal Crypt
filter_hdr  3  Weight of the Aeons
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Added: 4 months ago
You can often send the extra copies to the bottom with eldritch council. Happy to see you are so interested in my deck!
Added: 4 months ago
Well. A lot of the units have 2 command, and the mobility allows you to snipe command very well. I don't see anything wrong with the 1x options. marksman's ranged + shuriken catapult can be nice in a pinch, and jetbike is just more shields.
Added: 4 months ago
It's fared well. The mobility of the deck allows it to control the board very well, and doesn't need to fight unless it is in a favorable situation.
Added: 7 months ago
I would think that there would be better units at the 3 cost mark, compared to imperial fist devastators.
Added: 7 months ago
I'm pretty sure imperial fists devastators doesn't work with crypt because it says deploy, not put into play
Added: 8 months ago
Very solid deck. I have built a similar deck myself. May I recommend parasitic scarabs as a wonderful addition to help you play more cards and has wonderful synergy with decaying warrior squad.
Added: 8 months ago
cool deck! Do you think fairly quipped commando would be a good card in this deck?
Added: 8 months ago
very impressed with the power level of this deck. I think you really did a good job capturing the play style of this warlord. Would suggest cutting down to 50 cards, but otherwise a solid deck.
Added: > 1 year ago
ok. I question how you are going to be able to fill up the discard pile without the flayed ones pack/revenants. Warlord doesn't really do anything if you don't have cards in your discard pile.
Added: > 1 year ago
It's been working well. I've only played like 10 games, maybe won like 7 of them. I'm interested in suggestions for changes. Would like to see what you did with it.
Added: > 1 year ago
Tried this deck out with my friend. Fantastic results. Love that you have so many 2 shields to fake out your opponent.
Added: > 1 year ago
I just try to win the first few planets
Added: > 1 year ago
Edited: > 1 year ago
Hey NoFrag. He's talking about the new card "First Dawn".