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by Dietzen  ●  3 months ago
Trazyn the Infinite  ●  50 cards  ●   (6)   (7)  ●  Elite  ●  Combat Efficiency  ●  Control
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From 4 to adjacent
Well it follows that inanimate objects cannot utilize gear, however the Hellbrute is a living organism, and tyranids are in the habbit of infesting people and things, making them essentially living beings.
Though the picture here displays a simple vehicle, it follows that the Rockgrinder simply has become a sentient being and as such can be enhanced by various dna strains making it stronger, for example with regeneration or Heavy Venom Cannon.
It's not next planet, it's any planet. So you decide where you want to go to pop a battle ability.
He flips when you simply don't want to use his reaction.
And, if able,I think it's the operative term.
It has to be sacrificed, and you deal the damage, if able to

If it had said sacrifice TO deal damage, then a warlord would have to present to sacrifice it.
It does not. Only warlord
If your opponent only has one unit, he can't deploy it to that planet?
Yep you do, it's still part of the attack
Was about to reference mind shackle scarabs, then I saw "at the same planet". For all intents it should be discarded since you can't fulfill the requirements
Rated: 5
Easily a 5/5. Aun'Shi will be able to ping left and right while keeping own units alive, if you can keep the army unit hanging that is.
Put this on a high hp unit and it's hammer time.
How was this intended to work?
Do you jump to the combat phase to work out the battle?
Are you considered to be in the combat phase AND the deploy phase?
When readied it will deal damage to every unit it has damaged in the combat phase, not just in the last combat round. It is only 1 damage
Yea I figured it should be interpreted that way :-P but in the strictest rules lawyering it would gain mobile for the rest of the game :-)
Gain mobile. Like forever?
Rated: 5
This card really is amazing in any (almost) necron deck :-)
Rated: 5
An all time favourite card. Allows for so much potential and helps cheap command, what's not to like here?
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So the corpulent ork is just included for the high HP?
Holy snack that's a long match
Was it recorded?
Most of the event and attachment are there for two shields. Gauss flayer I use though, cause it's nice to have a free action and being able to kill.. it's good on warriors of gidrim making it a threat
Optimized protocol is for the off chance of Sig unit combined with decaying warrior squad. Else two shield..
Wild riders cost too much in this deck, need to be able to afford the elites
Nice win-rate :)

Well sure you can see it:

Brief explanation. Balefuls have been replaced by ratlings due to cost and to keep it to AM dial, and can still be used to copy ranged.
Flayed ones have gone out, I don't like random discards and Stormlord will have enough to text replace I think.

Flayed ones revenants are too steep a cost, although really nice stats.

I've also cut a lot of the supports in favor of more shields. Weight of the Aeons can be used to discard then have it's text replaced by endless legions if needed. And I don't like the many limited cards so I've kept it strictly to Drudgery to make sure it can always be used.

To pack in the extra punch, 2 Harbingers instead of one, to consistently be able to use drudgery/optimized protocol.

How's that been working?
Approx win rate?
Thanks for the deck idea, I've stolen some of it and altered it to my taste :-)
I'm sure you're opponent would be thrilled to hear your assessment of the match
Ah okay, makes sense. Saw your last game, was nice.
What's meh builder though?
Warder. First dawn is played from your card binder, not your deck. Ergo it is basically just a card banning other cards. It is not to be included in your actual deck.
Looks very fun and I'll bet it surprises people with nasty combat tricks.
How does it fare against strong command decks?
Dangerously low unit count or have you not run into issues with drawing units?
How has the deck performed?
Why Ravenwing escort? Loss of mobile only gives you the exhaust to move, is it worth it?
Played the deck twice this evening, and holy crap it is really cool. A lot of protection and the harbinger sure is the MVP as you say... Also had lots of options even on low Res and cards
That sounds annoying, enough so that I'd like to try it out :-D
One should feel dirty playing this deck, especially with 2 Khymeramasters and a Den in opening hand. Very dirty indeed :-P
Looks really cool, I'd love to try it out :) I'm guessing the Res orb can really pull out some nasties with the amount of eligible units :)
This seems really solid :-) what are it's weaknesses?
I like this iteration of the deck a lot, would only take out 1 No Mercy simply to get to 50 cards