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by mati4991  ●  6 months ago
Urien Rakarth  ●  52 cards  ●   (6)  ●  Elite  ●  Control  ●  Experimental
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person  3  Rogue Trader
person  3  Void Pirate
person  3  Bloodied Reavers
person  3  Incubus Warrior
person  3  Kabalite Strike Force
person  2  Twisted Wracks
person  3  Distorted Talos
person  1  The Carver
person  3  Klaivex Warleader
person  3  Venomous Fiend
attach_file  3  Hypex Injector
attach_file  1  Ichor Gauntlet
flash_on  3  A Thousand Cuts
flash_on  3  Power from Pain
flash_on  3  Searing Brand
flash_on  3  Visions of Agony
filter_hdr  1  The Flayed Mask
filter_hdr  3  Turbulent Rift
filter_hdr  1  Urien's Oubliette

by mati4991  ●  10 months ago
Old Zogwort  ●  50 cards  ●   (5)  ●  Swarm  ●  Experimental  ●  Aggression
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person  3  Goff Boyz
person  1  Rogue Trader
person  2  Void Pirate
person  3  Evil Sunz Warbiker
person  3  Skrap Nabba
person  3  Crushface
person  3  Steel Legion Chimera
person  4  Zogwort's Runtherders
person  3  Big Shoota Battlewagon
attach_file  2  Promotion
attach_file  1  Wyrdboy Stikk
flash_on  2  Suppressive Fire
flash_on  2  Launch da Shots
flash_on  3  Snotling Attack
flash_on  3  Squig Bombin'
flash_on  3  Battle Cry
filter_hdr  2  Ammo Depot
filter_hdr  3  Fungal Turf
filter_hdr  1  Zogwort's Hovel
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Added: 7 months ago
So this card is "must have" in all deck. Therefore, it can be seen in the statistics. This card is in 18 decks... xD
Added: 7 months ago
When a player has three support in HQ, and play Aun'shi able to play 4 battles in one round? And triggers x4 Battle ability in one round?
Added: 7 months ago
Due to the fact that this unit is a total zero and no one will add it to the desired deck, I was thinking about how to improve it in such a way that it is playable. Something like you can't attribute damage to this card outside of a normal attack, or [continue reading] something. I am surprised FFG that they released such a unit while Khorne Berzerker was already in the base which has identical statistics, but also has brutality.
Added: 7 months ago
I played SM, it seems to me that when I use "Indomitable" termagants spawn. If the deck is under elite units (Chaos), either the unit falls on impact or termagants are formed each time. And when I shield unit to save too spaw termagants. I think the [continue reading]skill should be at least once per phase. This unit is very strong for two reasons: Tyrants have a card "Invasion Site" which, despite being unique, still pays to have 3 pieces in the deck because support is sacrificed so after use, you can easily play another and the cost of 7 of this unit is is really not a problem. And the second card is an "Armored Shell". If this card is placed on this unit (no restrictions "no wargear attachment"), this unit is a monster. Only a strong swarm, Arhont's Terror or the fortresses of the inquisition save some situations.
Added: 7 months ago
But if the planet doesn't give you a card bonus, then you can't use skill?
Added: 7 months ago
How to place an immediately face down card in OCTGN so that you can use your leader skill?
Added: 7 months ago
Added: 7 months ago
How work this card? Can I play this card an enemy planet and my planet? I do not understand the meaning of this card.
Added: 7 months ago
This skill should be once per phase because after 2 rounds we fight with the big army of termagants. Just attach the "Armored Shell" to this card and this card is OP. Attack max 1 dmg if the opponent has a lot of covers is impossible to kill in direc [continue reading]t combat.
Added: 7 months ago
When I no have cards in hand, can I play this card?
Added: 7 months ago
If I "deploy" not "put" this unit, do I must pay 2 resources or discard 2 cards?
Added: 7 months ago
Can I exhaust several support cards to increase a unit's attack, for example +6 atack
Added: 7 months ago
But Brodrick must be on the planet with units for his skill to work? Because it is not specified.
Added: 8 months ago
Please add the text to this card: "and this event card has Trial torture". It seems to me that this card will be playable.
Added: 9 months ago
When an enemy unit on the planet with this attachment leaves the game, can I add this card to the enemy unit in the enemy HQ or to units on the adjacent planet or enemy synapse unit (it isn't warlord)?
Added: 9 months ago
Thanks. Yes he is so good.
Added: 9 months ago
Enemy army units also are kill when retreat from planet?
Added: 9 months ago
if i good understand i can "put" for free any card unit with Space Wolf trial for example card Space Wolves Predator for cost 7?
Added: 11 months ago
This card should have "Attached unit gains Area Effect (1)."
Added: 11 months ago
If I understand correctly, the text of this card is considered even when the card is not connected to any unit? So at the beginning of the game, when I have this card in my hand, I have to throw it (and others with the same name) from my hand to the [continue reading] bottom of the deck?
Added: > 1 year ago
After battle; Can this unit activate the planet's battle ability?
Added: > 1 year ago
Edited: > 1 year ago
This card should cost 3 or 4. This card make 2 things for 1 cost, this is too OP. This is better than Monolith, passive Monolith for 1 cost nice.
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Added: 11 months ago
It's better now? I exaggerated with the Elites because I wanted a combo with Fungal Turf.