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Epistolary Vezuel  ●  50 cards  ●   (10)  ●  Midrange  ●  Attrition
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person  1  Grand Master Belial
person  1  10th Company Scout
person  1  Eager Recruit
person  3  Earth Caste Technician
person  3  Rogue Trader
person  1  The Duke of Debris
person  3  Vash'ya Trailblazer
person  1  Deathwing Interceders
person  1  Veteran Brother Maxos
person  4  Vezuel's Hunters
person  3  Deathwing Terminators
person  1  XV25 Stealth Squad
attach_file  3  Promotion
attach_file  1  Fulgaris
attach_file  2  Terminator Armour
attach_file  2  Valkyris Pattern Jump Pack
attach_file  1  Iron Halo
flash_on  3  Crushing Blow
flash_on  2  Unseen Strike
flash_on  3  Indomitable
flash_on  1  Exterminatus
filter_hdr  1  Dark Angels Cruiser
filter_hdr  3  Beleaguered Garrison
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Added: last month
Edited: last month
rate_review Card Review: Rated: 3
Bro I don't have 3 resources to pay to play this guy a second time. I better hope he gets smacked by something huge.
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Added: last month
Maxos is even less useful in this build. Might be worth cutting. It also might be worth adding more scouts.
Added: last month
it looks like deep striking an attachment is not deploying it, so one wouldn't be able to trigger talon strike force anyway.