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Added: > 1 year ago
The bonus changes depending on the current number of planets in your victory display. (Rulebook page 16. "The game state constantly checks and (if necessary) updates the count of any variable quantity that is being modified". Also consider Shard of [continue reading]the Deceiver, the X value is constantly updated as the discard pile size changes.)
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Added: 3 weeks ago
@shinobi In my playgroup, OOE players switched to Praetorian Shadow by a large margin.
Added: last month
I would have include a few improbable runt machines.
Also, the deck seems a bit expansive, maybe 1 or 2 promotions to secure the Skrap Nabba?
Added: last month
Seems powerful!
One question: How does Seraphim Allegra perform in the deck? She only can ready Rockcrete Bunker. It's not too bad, but is it enough?