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by NoFragLimit  ●  5 months ago
Commander Shadowsun  ●  50 cards  ●  No Ally  ●  Midrange  ●  Combat Efficiency  ●  Alt. Economy
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person  2  Earth Caste Technician
person  2  Escort Drone
person  2  Rogue Trader
person  3  Vior'la Marksman
person  2  Bork'an Recruits
person  1  Shas'el Lyst
person  3  Vash'ya Trailblazer
person  1  Commander Bravestorm
person  1  Fireblade Kais'vre
person  3  Sniper Drone Team
person  2  Crisis Battle Guard
attach_file  1  Command-Link Drone
attach_file  1  Fusion Cascade Defiance
attach_file  2  Heavy Marker Drone
attach_file  3  Ion Rifle
attach_file  3  Auxiliary Armor
attach_file  1  Positional Relay
attach_file  2  Repulsor Impact Field
flash_on  2  Squadron Redeployment
flash_on  1  Tactical Withdrawal
flash_on  2  Breach and Clear
flash_on  1  For the Tau'va
filter_hdr  1  Bork'an Sept
filter_hdr  1  Communications Relay
filter_hdr  1  Smuggler's Den
filter_hdr  2  Ambush Platform

by NoFragLimit  ●  5 months ago
Saint Celestine  ●  50 cards  ●  No Ally  ●  Midrange  ●  Alt. Economy  ●  Combat Efficiency
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person  3  Tenacious Novice Squad
person  3  Void Pirate
person  4  Heralding Cherubim
person  3  Sacred Rose Immolator
person  2  Saint Erika
person  3  Standard Bearer
person  3  Zealous Cantus
person  1  Dominion Eugenia
attach_file  1  Armour of Saint Katherine
attach_file  3  Promotion
attach_file  1  Banner of the Sacred Rose
attach_file  1  Imperial Rally Point
attach_file  1  Sanctified Bolter
flash_on  3  Our Last Stand
flash_on  2  Miraculous Intervention
flash_on  2  Noble Deed
flash_on  2  Preemptive Barrage
filter_hdr  1  Eldritch Council
filter_hdr  1  Order of the Crimson Oath
filter_hdr  1  Agra's Preachings
filter_hdr  3  Holy Chapel

by NoFragLimit  ●  7 months ago
Anrakyr the Traveller  ●  50 cards  ●  No Ally  ●  Combos  ●  Control
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person  2  Rogue Trader
person  2  Decaying Warrior Squad
person  3  Flayed Ones Pack
person  3  Parasitic Scarabs
person  5  Pyrrhian Eternals
person  2  Canoptek Spyder
person  2  Flayed Ones Revenants
person  3  Harbinger of Eternity
person  2  Lychguard Sentinel
person  1  Shard of the Deceiver
attach_file  3  Dynastic Weaponry
attach_file  3  Promotion
attach_file  1  Pyrrhian Warscythe
attach_file  2  Resurrection Orb
flash_on  1  Awake the Sleepers
flash_on  3  Optimized Protocol
flash_on  3  Recycle
filter_hdr  1  Endless Legions
filter_hdr  2  Eternity Gate
filter_hdr  1  Slumbering Tomb
filter_hdr  2  Weight of the Aeons

by NoFragLimit  ●  7 months ago
Nazdreg  ●  50 cards  ●   (5)  ●  Aggression  ●  Aggression
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person  2  Void Pirate
person  3  Enraged Ork
person  1  Skrap Nabba
person  3  Snakebite Thug
person  2  Blood Axe Strategist
person  1  Crushface
person  3  Kommando Sneakaz
person  4  Nazdreg's Flash Gitz
person  3  Front Line 'Ard Boyz
person  3  Blitza-Bommer
attach_file  1  Cybork Body
attach_file  3  Hostile Environment Gear
attach_file  2  Huge Chain-Choppa
attach_file  1  Lucky Warpaint
attach_file  3  Rokkit Launcha
flash_on  2  Bigga Is Betta
flash_on  2  No Mercy
flash_on  2  Brutal Cunning
flash_on  2  Rok Bombardment
filter_hdr  2  Clearcut Refuge
filter_hdr  1  Kraktoof Hall
filter_hdr  2  Kustom Field Generator
filter_hdr  2  Tellyporta Pad

by NoFragLimit  ●  7 months ago
Ragnar Blackmane  ●  50 cards  ●   (20)  ●  Hunt  ●  Aggression
2 thumb_up    mode_comment    call_split    schedule    video_library
person  3  Mystic Warden
person  1  Hjorvath Coldstorm
person  3  Ratling Deadeye
person  3  Rogue Trader
person  4  Blackmane Sentinel
person  3  Catachan Devils Patrol
person  3  Honored Librarian
person  3  Thunderwolf Cavalry
person  3  White Scars Bikers
person  2  Scion Strike Force
attach_file  3  Promotion
attach_file  3  Revered Heavy Flamer
attach_file  1  Frostfang
flash_on  2  Blackmane's Hunt
flash_on  3  Primal Howl
flash_on  3  Indomitable
flash_on  1  Inspirational Fervor
filter_hdr  2  Staging Ground
filter_hdr  3  Catachan Outpost
filter_hdr  1  Ragnar's Warcamp
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6th Round of Jesters Masquerade - Shadowsun vs Liatha
6 months ago
Date: 6 months ago
Recorded By: NoFragLimit
Commented By: NoFragLimit
6th round of Jesters Masquerade played between NoFragLimit ( Shadowsun ) vs Eric Lopez ( Liatha ) . Ruthless elimination from top of the leader-board in tournament just before the final with one side absolutely dominating the command, blocking resource income for the opponent. Both sides loaded with 2 shields but only one is able to cut through them and deal some damage.
Talyesin Fharenal vs Shadowsun - Gardis Unearthed League ( 1st Round )
> 1 year ago
Date: > 1 year ago
Recorded By: NoFragLimit
Commented By: NoFragLimit
1st Round of Gardis Unearthed League - Talyesin Fharenal vs Shadowsun
Nazdreg vs Baharroth
> 1 year ago
Date: > 1 year ago
Recorded By: NoFragLimit
Commented By: NoFragLimit
Warm up game after few months of absence from Conquest to dust off my rusty skills with my oldest deck, video is presenting some possible surprising tricks on Ambush / Ranged / Brutal combo.
Shadowsun vs Zen Xi ( Mangeras Fall - online tournament )
> 1 year ago
Date: > 1 year ago
Recorded By: NoFragLimit
Commented By: NoFragLimit
Early round of Mangera's Fall tournament played with my Shadowsun deck against Andrew D.
No recent Apoka upgrades there yet but lot of useful comments included about tactics - how to play .
comment Recent Card Comments
Added: 7 months ago
Will Answer to myself [ ^^ ] after I just clarified with creator ...

Neither - considered as having faith icon cannot be paid or used as shield , it's just for card effects purposes only . Thanks
Added: 7 months ago
I'm not sure if I'm getting his ability right , each unit is considered to have faith icon , does it mean ...

- Once paid as cost of some effect it's automatically renewed on that unit due to WL ability ?
- Can be used as shield ? [continue reading]Then again .. renewed after shielding ?

I just want to clarify
Added: 12 months ago
Except of ridiculously expansive Hellbrute ...
this is the only Vehicle which does not have - No War-gear Attachments Rule
Should it be considered ? ... I'm start thinking not only Harid or Object but also useful for Swarmlord !
Added: 12 months ago
How this warlord works besides of auto resp move on next planet , when does he flips to bloodied status ?
Added: > 1 year ago
I have a doubt about this card , does this need to be sacrificed whenever combat phase starts - because of wording of the card " sacrifice ... and deal 2 damage if possible " I guess this would burn anyway even if no Warlords present on that planet. [continue reading] This looks like a 1 cost commit blocker but would burn or hurt your own Warlord if opponent didn't commit the same here.
comment Recent Deck Comments
Added: 5 months ago

Added Breach and Clear and Tactical Withdraw for early victory push.
Added: 6 months ago
Edited: 6 months ago
Good Deck . Low ethereal count max the Armorbane effect. Copies of Deception hit me hard. I had dilemma playing against him, did WL should be targeted from very beginning? its hard to decide as he can retreat any time without wasting the attack turn [continue reading]... you need to consider all possible attacks and his next movement if any Orbitals in play.
Added: 6 months ago
Complete change removing all alter economy discounts with SM on Saelum Enclave for New attachement focused cards , very important pledge start for Positional Relay ... strong command in overal Smuglers Den and all New Unique units work very well.
Added: 7 months ago
Corpulent Orks didn't worked switched for Enraged ...
Added: 7 months ago
I can see clear Ranged traps loaded with faith icons , secured No Mercy on Unique units. You actually running similar deck to my Ragnar I'm just unsure about 3 copies of Terminator Armour with so many AM units you could better replace them with Cata [continue reading]chan Outpost's more mobility in shooting or add copy of Staging Ground for unexpected deployments.
Added: 7 months ago
I forgot to submit my patent application form ...
Word spread out ... Necrons flying all over :)
Added: 12 months ago
Yes I did ... but need to find some good time to comment 3 hours match!
Added: 12 months ago
Edited: 12 months ago
Saw her in action in your last game against Jenny Shafer
Now i realized you had more tricks in your sleeve then you showed there ...
chain reaction faith instrument is so powerful.
Lot of shields but not much in command / choke l [continue reading]ooks like preferred action against you ; >
Added: > 1 year ago
Thanks , was too easy... still looking for a real challenge.
Should be Mech. - shortcut for mechanized transformer

I have recently replaced banned Gun drones for Assault Squads make more use of Sae'lum
Added: > 1 year ago
Dietzen : Not really , 24 - 26 it's about a standard I apply in most of my decks.
This is a meh builder so high number is taken by attachments and those add-on real firepower.
I would really say the biggest threat lies in lack of comma [continue reading]nd once dominated hard to recover without Saelum Enclave.
Added: > 1 year ago
Edited: > 1 year ago
Hey JamesHC
- No Good Point . I have dropped this recently from 11 units only because of cards from Pack 3 but will need to re-think.

- Shaes is a great defensive unit no doubt but it's very visible and straight forward he needs t [continue reading]o be ready. Kais'vre is doing very well dragged along with warlord and with such amount of two shielded cards in deck most of the times he bounce back the strongest attacks. I was previously using Repair Bays to bring back drones like Heavy markers used as shields.

- Gun drones definitely needs to stay. I was not aware of limitation you've just mentioned is this purely about Escort vs Gun Drones ?
Added: > 1 year ago
Edited: > 1 year ago
One of my decks used in last tournament . Recently upgraded with new Apoka attachments from new release.
Strong builds with attachments on ranged units , plenty of command icons and shields .
Space Marines allies cheap buff on reduced co [continue reading]st from Sae'lum Enclave.